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Nvidia Grid pushes gaming to the cloud

Nvidia Grid


LAS VEGAS–Nvidia took the wraps off Nvidia Grid, the company’s first fully-integrated system product.

Launched tonight at CES, Nvidia Grid pushes the limits of cloud gaming in a server stack that’s designed to optimize computer graphics. In the works for 5 years, the stacks, which are packed full of GPUs, or graphics processing units, enable 3D gaming that can render graphics directly to the cloud.

The upshot is that you’ll be able to start playing a game on one device, like a tablet, and pick it up where you left off on another, like your desktop.

Nvidia Grid, which is in trial phase, will be sold to MSOs and partners.

Nvidia has made inroads into cloud computing before launching Grid. You can find more details here.

Stay tunes, there’s more to come…



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