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Nokia’s Xpress Now web app for Asha devices goes beta in India

Nokia’s Xpress Now web app

Nokia has introduced its Xpress Now web app for Asha devices in an official blog post. The web app claims to deliver personalised look of what’s trending on the Internet, in real-time. It combines the aggregated view of over 80 million monthly users of the popular Xpress Browser, with the browsing preferences of users, and lets them discover trending topics and sites that they didn’t know existed.


Andy Kelm, Vice President – Nokia Xpress Services, says, “Nokia Xpress Now is about discovering interesting stories and new content based on the wisdom of the crowd. It’s not a magazine, a story or a group of curated RSS feeds, but rather a collection of interesting web content that is always changing.”

Xpress Now on Nokia Asha devices

Xpress Now on Nokia Asha devices



The Xpress Now web app comprises three different views – What’s Hot, You May Also Like and Most Liked (coming soon).


What’s Hot gives users an aggregated view of what millions of other users in the same area are doing. You May Also Like shows users websites depending on their interests. Most Liked shows recent stories that have been “Liked” by other Xpress Now users. “There’s a button at the top which tells you what you’re looking at, press the button and it’ll change the view,” adds Kelm.


Explaining the making of Xpress Now, he says, “Soon after we launched the Nokia Xpress Browser, we learned just how popular the Web is among consumers, but we also learned how homogenous their browsing patterns are within a country.  Many of them are not coming from a world of desktop browsing, and they only know a few popular web sites. We realised that by using a sophisticated recommendations engine, we could change that.”


Nokia Xpress Now web app is currently in beta in India. Kelm says, “It’s one of our top apps, and it has a huge impact on repeat usage of the service. Our users find the real-time nature compelling and sticky.” Nokia Xpress Now web app will expand to other Nokia Asha devices and countries throughout 2013.





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