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Nokia City Lens update brings Sightline and Freeze features

Nokia City lens

Nokia LiveSight

Nokia is rolling out an update for its City Lens app. The update brings a couple of new features for Nokia devices running Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.
The City Lens update includes some improvements and new features, the most interesting of which are two features called ‘Sightline’ and ‘Freeze’. Sightline allows you to switch the lens’ view to only what is in your direct line of sight. This way, it is easier for you to find information about places of interest that are right in front of you.

This feature will only be available in supported areas where Nokia has already collected highly accurate, 3D data. The filter icon will automatically show up in the City Lens app in case you are in a supported area.
The Freeze feature lets you point and hit a pause button to “freeze” your surroundings and see the options available. Earlier, you had to keep your camera pointed at the target in order to check out the options. You can now tap on the screen to  “freeze” the view and consider the options without cramping your arm.
The update gives you the ability to view addresses without leaving the camera view. Simply tap on the overlaying information on the display to bring up information about a place.

 Nokia City Lens

The update also lets you pin a particular type of place to your home screen and jump to it. For instance, if you like visiting new restaurants, you can pin a Food tile to your home screen, which will throw up results of restaurants around you when selected. You can further segregate your choices with the kind of cuisine you prefer.
The updated Nokia City Lens uses the LiveSight technology, which is based on a “highly accurate 3D map of the world.” It is supposed to provide a precise and intuitive augmented reality experience that uses the camera to discover places.
The beta version of the update was first announced on November 28 and was available for handsets like Lumia 900, Lumia 800 and Lumia 720. Two months later, Nokia has thrown open the update for all phones including the new Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. You can download the Nokia City Lens update from the Windows Phone Store or you can sit back and wait—the app will automatically inform you about it soon.



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