Wednesday , May 25 2016
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New Office Web Apps get finalized for SkyDrive, Outlook



Previously Office

As polished and functional as something might be in its preview days, a piece of work isn’t done until it isdone, and Microsoft’s Office Web Apps have finally reached that point. Back in July, Redmond piped out preview versions of OWA and Office 365, focusing on adding tablet-friendly touch controls.

Achievement Of Office 

Feedback from over 750,000 users and Windows 8’s impending deadline helped shaped today’s release, readying it for Microsoft’s latest operating system, IE10 and iOS 6. A pair of posts on the Office Web Apps Blog detail the new face of Office, including an improved authoring experience, better support for multi-user collaboration, faster performance and more. Read it for yourself at the source link below, or just log into Skydrive and get to work.

[ Source :- Engadget ]


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