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Milind Deora to answer your IT related questions on Google+ Hangouts

Milind Deora to answer your IT related questions

Wondering what the government has in store for the future of information technology and communications in India? You can fire your questions at the Minister of State for IT, Communications and Shipping, Milind Deora, on June 6.

Deora will be taking questions pertaining to how mobile telephony and the Internet are impacting India’s economy, society, politics and culture. The session, like most these days, will be conducted over Google+ Hangouts and Deora will be open to questions from people across the globe on the future of IT in India.

Ask away!

Ask away!

The Hangout session will be moderated by TV anchor Cyrus Broacha and the minister will be answering questions about socio-political issues that concern the youth again. Some questions that Google India says the minister is expecting pertain to topics ranging from tower radiation to content on the Internet, rural poverty and electoral funding.

The Hangout feature of Google+ has become a neat platform for ministers from across portfolios to interact with the youth of India. Previously, we’ve seen Hangouts sessions with Shashi Tharoor about education in the country, with Finance Minister P. Chidambaram regarding this year’s budget session and even with Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Dr. C.P. Joshi, for suggestions regarding safer highways. These civic engagement sessions have been used recently for participative policy making, displaying the kind of power the Internet has over democracy in India.

Those interested in joining the Hangout session with Deora can RSVP for the event on its Google+ page. The Hangout will go live at 7 PM IST on June 6 on the Google India+ Page at You can also post your questions to Deora by adding #askmilind to your comments and questions.





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