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Microsoft says Xbox One’s Kinect will not snoop on players

Xbox One’s Kinect will not snoop on players

Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One and the Kinect’s capabilities, there have been some concerns about the next-gen console regarding privacy. Microsoft is attempting to put these concerns to rest by revealing its privacy policy with the new Kinect. According to Microsoft’s official website, data collected by the Xbox One will not leave the console without your explicit permission.

The company has provided a few examples of how the console can collect your data. A fitness game, for example, can measure your heart rate data to provide better feedback on your workout. A card game could theoretically allow you to bluff your opponent with your facial expressions.

The Kinect isn't that much of a privacy hazard, apparently

The Kinect isn’t that much of a privacy hazard, apparently

The company has also revealed that the Kinect can be paused. “At Microsoft, we prioritize your privacy,” the company wrote in an update to “We understand that your personal data and privacy are important.”

According to Microsoft, the console will navigate you through its privacy options such as automatic or manual sign ins, privacy settings and notifications about your data and how it is used.

The Kinect can be paused if you don’t want it on while playing games. However, you can still use voice commands like “Xbox Off” to turn off the console. When it is off, the Kinect only stays awake to listen for the “Xbox On” command. Some games that need the Kinect to play will obviously need it to be switched on.

According to Eurogamer, Microsoft executive Phil Harrison said that the company isn’t using the Kienct to snoop on players.




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