Tuesday , May 31 2016
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Meet the concept iPhone Air, iPhone 6C

Here’s a new thought video for the following iPhone that takes thinness to an extreme.

A brand new video from Set answer deals its take on the theoretical “iPhone Air” and the iPhone 6C (the C right here stands for curve, now not coloration).

The videos supply some stunning renderings, in particular with the iPhone Air, which it posits is 1.5 millimeters thin at the top and 3 millimeters thick at the bottom, weighs 70 grams, and contours a facet-to-edge glass display.

The iPhone 6C thought options numerous different colors like the iPhone 5C; however a stated curve on the screen much likes the LG G Flex (the back is flat though). A few of these videos had been floating round for a while, however are worth a glance.

While the movies are impressive, they are no manner primarily based in reality, and possibly a bit of too good to be real. Additionally they don’t seem to be the first thought videos to take a crack at an iPhone Air.


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