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LinkedIn celebrates 10th birthday

LinkedIn’s 10th birthday

Happy tenth birthday, LinkedIn! The world’s most widely used professional social networking website turned 10 this Sunday. Within the 10 years of its existence, LinkedIn has gone from being just a website to being a public company with 225 million members that has several other services like Pulse and SlideShare under its wings.

Co-founded by Reid Hoffman in 2003, the humble start up has moved from 4,500 members in its first month, to over 200 million at the end of 10 years. More importantly, LinkedIn has changed the way social networking behaves. It has gone beyond being a place where you connect with friends and share cat pictures to a place where you connect with future and past employers and build a career.

Happy birthday, LinkedIn!

Happy birthday, LinkedIn!

Earlier this week, LinkedIn revealed its Q1 earnings report for 2013. It beat expectations to post a revenue figure of $324.7 million and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.45. The professional social network also provided a break down of its user base around the world.

A whopping 77 million members of LinkedIn are situated in the United States of America. India comes in second with 19 million members followed by Brazil, with 12 million members. Now standing at a figure of 225 million members, LinkedIn breached the 200 million mark earlier this year in January.

Only last month LinkedIn announced its overhauled bouquet of visually rich mobile apps. Its first major update in two years saw big changes with design and navigation. Easy on the eye, LinkedIn’s new apps let you move around the service easily with sliding shortcut panes and customisable shortcuts.

LinkedIn has stepped on the gas since the past year in order to not just give a better experience to the users but also to expand its services. On the eve of its ninth birthday, LinkedIn made what was to be the first in the line of major purchases, when it bought SlideShare for $118.75 million.

Growing at the rate of 2 members per second

Growing at the rate of 2 members per second

Post the presentation-sharing platform, LinkedIn closed the purchase of news reader app Pulse last month. The deal was closed for $90 million, which consisted of 90 percent stock and 10 percent cash.

“Our vision at LinkedIn is to create economic opportunity for every professional in the world,” writes an ambitious Hoffman about plans for the future. With a number of acquisitions under its belt and a strong worldwide user base, LinkedIn seems set for another decade of redefining professional networking.







  1. I am creating new business card printing in my company. A number of them want their LinkedIn URL in it. Rather than writing the whole URL what is the method to show this data abbreviated? Suggestions?

  2. Among the finest to understand the way you make connections onto it.

    Linkedin recommends explore to include individuals to your network who you do not know.

    I’ve found it confusing as people utilize it to network with business owners they aren’t associated with.

  3. If I have a Linkedin account, and I view someone’s profile, will it show them I visited even if I am logged out of my account when I view their profile?

  4. A couple of days ago, 3 individuals from exactly the same company made an appearance within the “People You Might Know” section on my small webpage in LinkedIn. All of them operate in exactly the same area which i operate in, and that i applied for income with this particular company for the reason that very department a couple of several weeks ago.

    My real question is this: Since I Have haven’t seen the profiles of those people, so we do not have shared connections, is it feasible that we were holding viewing my profile and they are turning up within my “People You Might Know” box?

  5. can one see non linkedin customers who view my profile.

    thanks ahead of time

  6. Also..

    4?10 • 3?6

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