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Lenovo plans to launch smartphones priced under Rs 5000

Lenovo plans to launch smartphones

Keeping in mind the growing smartphone market, many industry players have been diverting towards mobile businesses. Lenovo, one such relatively newer entrant into the smartphone space, now plans to offer extremely affordable smartphones. According to a report, Lenovo is planning to launch smartphones for less than Rs 5000.

Nick Reynolds, Executive Director, Worldwide Product Marketing, Lenovo, told Business Line that Lenovo is watching the space because they know there are people who are upgrading from feature phones to smartphones, and that is a big trend in emerging markets today.

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Will Lenovo bring a sub-5k smartphone to the Indian market?

Lenovo has an ambitious plan of selling more than one million smartphones in India. In a price-sensitive market like ours, a budget smartphone under Rs 5000 appears to be a great move. Reynolds also revealed that the company plans to sell Lenovo smartphones at various price points. So, this year we may probably see low to high range Lenovo smartphones. The company currently sells sixty different phone models in China. It plans to bring other phone models to India too, as its business grows here.

Reportedly, another reason is its shrinking PC business which has compelled the company to search for greener pastures with smartphone sales.  The PC market has been a challenge for a while now, owing to tablets and newer hybrid type of devices. Though IDC expects the global PC shipment numbers to fall by 8 percent this year, the numder of PC shipments saw a rise in India in 2012 compared to 2011 by 5.5 percent.

The smartphone market in India is highly competitive. Lenovo will face stiff competition from giants like Samsung and Nokia, which are quite popular in the low to mid phone segment. Lenovo also plans to expand partnership with its partners such as Ingram, Advanced Computer and Redington for tier 2 and tier 3 cities.



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    My uncle works together with computers and that he stated he does not like Lenovo’s which dells be more effective however i HATE dells like I detest them… I figured maybe posting it on here’ could possibly get more honest people opinions, I do not see an issue with the organization… opinions? Thanks!

  2. Stacey Sarabando

    My pal is thinking about buying a laptop with nvdia or ati graphics cards…the lenovo g570 laptop has ati raedon 1gb graphics whereas d certainly one of asus has 1 gb nvdia gt 520m graphics…d asus configuration is way better dn d lenovo(only low display size) as well as reduced cost….so please let me know is asus a far more reliable brand dn lenovo??

  3. Benedict Kourkoumellis

    The technicians at lenovo and my computer are giving me problems, just wondering what exactly are your encounters with lenovo?

    I purchased the Lenovo T61 and I have regretted it since. Eventually it can’t launch and so i sent it to Lenovo for repairs. They stated they changed the system board and hard disk, it had been still under warranty therefore it was covered. Great right? However it crashes like 6 occasions each day with blue screens like “KERNEL INPAGE ERROR and IRQL Under OR Comparable ToInch or it sometimes just states a vital process needed to be ended. It’s been formated two times, without any effect, but Lenovo keeps that it’s a software problem and never their problem. The pc didn’t have nowhere screen of dying prior to the repair and that i been with them for 2 years. So that they won’t do anything whatsoever concerning the problem. Obviously I had been royally P’offed.

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