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The latest from Sony’s event at IFA 2013

Sony has introduced some thrilling new Android smart phones this yr and the Japanese giant seems to have one ultimate ace up its sleeve. All fingers point to Sony asserting the Experian Z1, or the Omani, at IFA 2013 and this Smartphone is supposedly the end result of CEO Kazuo Hirai’s ‘One Sony’ strategy. you could view the Sony press convention from IFA, reside here.

More phone headed for the Xperia branding

What does Sony have in retailer for the Experian range?

The Z1 is said to come with a never-prior to-viewed 20.7-megapixel camera along with some slicing-facet cell camera optics and Sony’s G Lens. It’s expected to shoot 4K movies, one thing that’s having a look like the next frontier for Smartphone makers. Just like most Sony smart phones this yr, the Z1 may also be water-proof and can have a steel frame to add to the durability.

some other highly-predicted announcement is Sonya QX100 and QX10 Smartphone digital attachments that add a lens equipment, a memory card and image processing chip in a removable case that attaches on the back of most smart phones. Now we have heard fairly so much about this equipment and can’t watch for the reputable announcement.


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