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Latest news in quality window frames and materials Plastik Ltd. was established in 2004 and since then works on strong principles of honesty and reliable serives for its clients. Our main activity is the design, supply and installation of aluminum and PVC windows, interior and exterior shutters, mosquito nets and accessories.
In order to have quality services, not only in the field of windows, there needs to be competition. Namely, it motivates us to constantly innovate our business by offering an additional set of services – installation of aluminum composite panels made of glass showcases, design and construction of facades, aluminum railings, shower enclosures and barriers, as well as powder coating. We at >Master Plastik Ltd<. know that you – our customers are dear to us and that is why we work with some of the best aluminum and PVC windows profiles! Also of great importance are our consultants who can give you a professional advice when selecting windows or advise you on a certain problem.

If you want to be the proud owner of beautiful and quality shower, Master Plastik knows how to help you. We are one of the leaders in the field of building showers. The material we use is tempered glass. Its thickness varies between 8 mm and 10 mm. Depending on your wishes, we offer frosted and transparent cabins. In filling the gaps between the glass we use silicone or magnetic seals. You decide which of the two.
When changing your windows immediately, there is always the question – aluminum or PVC windows? To explain to you clear some advantages and disadvantages to both contact our competent specialists, who will assist you, taking into account the specific conditions in your home.
Thinking about opting for aluminum windows? They have their advantages – the strength of this material enables sophisticated solutions such as suspension and structural facades, roofs, conservatories. Making security doors, including fire doors is also a priority of this material. Aluminum is resistant to fire and earthquakes, and perhaps most importantly – it is extremely reliable in large temperature variations.

The company offers two systems aluminum windows:
“Pony” is the so called cold series with continuous thermal barrier, the largest application for interior doors and windows and glazing for offices and administrative buildings – where the premises are not used for living.
“530 Eskimo” of the Bourgas firm “Altest” which differs from the above system “PONY” by the presence of thermal, allows mounting, and exterior windows in all weather conditions.
Master Plastik offers only quality materials and workmanship. Our designs are distinguished by their modern design, functionality and quality. The purpose of Master Plastik is to satisfy your every whim and preference. We try to stay in touch with current trends and news in the windows making market.


  1. do you know the diffrent size for telephone frame

  2. what type of fresh paint or obvious substance is dispersed within the aluminum frame…. im cleaning a go to dying crf 250r and we’re washing the frame and are likely to take that coat of “stuff” off and have to know wat to use

  3. What’s the reason for a frame narrative inside a book?

  4. Keenan Vanostberg

    I truly want new frames, however can not afford the top end prices of designer glasses.

    How would be the frames at walmart, will they break?

    P.S I like plastic frames, are they going to crack?

    Are plastics frame only great for 24 months???!!

    Online is not a choice since I’d rather not buy without fitting first

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