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All about jQuery

jQuery is easy to start off with because its known for its simplicity and easy understanding. Of course, if the developer has had prior experience with programming then it will be significantly easier, however, it is still possible to learn it from scratch. jQuery is in essence a simpler version of JavaScript and learning jQuery can be an effective technique to gain knowledge of JavaScript as well. A few basics of jQuery are:

  • The jQuery file call

While initiating jQuery, calling the jquery file is the most important aspect of the initiation. If you are looking to use jQuery in your website, then you must amend the coding in the web page.

The source of the jquery.js file should contain the location of the storage place of the file. Third party locations will require full paths to be entered and local locations will require relative paths.

  • Initiating a function in jQuery

Functions are bits of code which are written in to make it easier to comprehend the syntax and the code written into a web page. Initiating a function is thus one of the first effective techniques that one needs to learn in jQuery and its coding is similar to other languages. The syntax is:

function functionname () { [code]}

  • Repetition

Another feature which is used quite regularly, repetition validates data. The syntax for repetition is as follows:

do { [ function or code] } while ([condition] (count or otherwise));

jQuery’s use is becoming more widespread as a lot of web developers are moving to jQuery as an alternative to traditional JavaScript. jQuery is basically a JavaScript library which simplifies and lessens the JavaScript code thus enabling developers to make web applications which are more streamlined and which are significantly lighter.

These days, there are several open sourced jQuery scripts available across the internet. Displaying images using jQuery has also become very common and website displaying image data exploit jQuery to the core. Here are a few pre-written jQuery scripts across the internet which may come in use:

  • jQuery lightbox plugin
    One of the many plugins available, it displays pictures in a layer which is above the actual site content. Makes for a nice three dimensional look. It has caught on really quickly which image related web sites.
  • jQuery Calendar
    User-friendly interfaces can be made where dates, sign up forms or any other such documents and events can be picked. The date-picker can be made to overlay on the website and the user has the freedom to navigate to any date of his choice.
  • Rotating JQuery Tabs
    This plugin is useful for created tabs on a page in order to free some space. Styling for these tabs are in tune with the web 2.0 standards and with a tiny amount programming knowledge, they can be easily modified. Tabs may be made to swap by clicking or hovering, etc.
  • jTip
    This plugin provides an alternative documentation providing methods and pointers to website visitors. Basically, the tool tip text a la MS Word is given to certain components of the website and greatly enhances the websites user friendliness.
  • JQuery inline Form Validation
    This is especially useful for websites which require form filling or signing up and detail verification. Fields can be instantly validated therefore facilitating accurate data entry. False inputs result in text balloons over the input area informing the user of a false input and the overall effect is minimalist and neat. Data is also validated on input and not after submission which makes the entire tool help the web page become more efficient and easy to use.


Ryan Williams is a web developer who has designed web pages for the top firms of the country. Ryan has assisted students develop effective techniques in order to target the very modern field of web development and his expertise with jQuery and JavaScript has proved a valuable asset to his many clients.


  1. I have made the decision to utilize a javascript library or framework within my website and I am getting trouble determining whether I ought to use jQuery or Dojo. I am also unsure which library includes a better UI (Interface)

  2. First of all I’ll explain what I am attempting to achieve!

    I am creating a website for college on dreamweaver and also the theme is cosmetics.

    I would like the house page with an opening door effect where a picture (that I have already made from shop front doorways) would slide open when hovered to reveal a picture of within the cosmetics shop (another image i curently have) just like you are entering the shop, have it?

    I have found a tutorial for that look im opting for

    Now, this is when I want help!

    I have joined the codes however when I add some jquery nothing changes? no sliding effect!

    have i joined it within the wrong place? not downloaded something needed? im unaware!

    as well as, would the look i place behind the outlet doorways have the ability to have navigation and links with other pages?

    Sorry, i want to accomplish this and ive been trying for any couple of days with no luck

    any help or solutions is going to be much appreciated!!

  3. I must know is jQuery able to do advanced things. I must build fundamental social networking in my school and I’m wondering if jQuery was able to do this type of factor.

  4. I’ve got a project Im focusing on that needs a picture hover for multiple pictures. I acquired the code to operate however i don’t want to really make it for each image instance. Rather I had been trying in html an “onmousehover=”” ” but that didn’t work.

    This is what I’ve:

    $(document).ready(function() , 150 )


    $(“#block11”).mouseout(function imgout(), 150 )



    I wish to eliminate “#block11” within the selector and set “this”. However when I actually do it does not work after i make use of the onmouseover = “imgfocus()” and onmouseout = “mouseout()” functions in HTML

    I’ve 6 different images. I simply do not want redundant coding..

  5. I have gone to the fundamentals and I am just wondering what exactly are your ideas on learning classic JavaScript just before jQuery.

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