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International Pediatric Association appoints the MCI and AFEA Joint Venture as PCO Partner

 MCI and AFEA Joint Venture as PCO Partner

The International Pediatric Association (IPA) consists of over 144 National Pediatric Societies from 139 countries, 10 Regional Pediatric Societies and 13 International Pediatric Specialty Societies. IPA’s vision is to ensure every child will be accorded the right to the highest attainable standard of health, and the opportunity to grow, develop and fulfill to his or her human potential. The IPA Congresses are designed to provide a global meeting place for Physicians, Researchers, Nurses and Health Care Workers in the field of Pediatrics and its sub-specialties.

The MCI/AFEA team will work closely with the International Pediatrician Society and the Canadian Paediatric Society as the National Host Society in providing services such as the scientific program, accommodation management, sponsor and exhibit services, abstract management, online registration management and logistics to stage a successful congress in Canada that brings together Pediatricians from around the world.

International Pediatric Association appoints the MCI and AFEA Joint Venture as PCO Partner

“The International Pediatric Association welcomes the appointment of the MCI/AFEA team as the PCO who will organize the International Pediatric Association Congress in Vancouver-Canada in August 2016 and am looking forward to a fruitful cooperation” says Professor A. Konstantopoulos, IPA’s President Elect. “We look forward to fully utilizing the wide range of skills available from MCI/AFEA over the next few years as we organize one of the world’s largest events for Pediatricians.”

Dr. Doug McMillan, 2016 Congress President states “CPS looks forward to welcoming paediatricians to Vancouver for the International Paediatric Congress in August 2016 to facilitate better health for children and youth throughout the world. We will showcase the best Canada has to offer as well as to learn from global experts as we work together to benefit the precious resource of all nations.”

Mrs. Rose Ironside, MCI’s Managing Director for Canada, along with Mr. Andreas Lygnos & Mr. Spyros Nikolakopoulos, Managing Partners of AFEA, comments: “We are thrilled to announce that the International Pediatrician Association Board of Directors has awarded the MCI/AFEA team the Congress management contract for their upcoming 2016 Congress in Vancouver. This is a mutually beneficial partnership for all and one that we are very proud to be involved with and supporting.”



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