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Intel’s Yolo low-cost smartphone debuts

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Intel low-cost smartphone debuts

Safaricom today announced a smartphone based an Intel design — part of the chipmaker’s effort to enter the global low-cost phone market.

Details of Intel Smartphone

The Yolo smartphone is aimed “cost-conscious…first-time buyers” in Kenya, said Intel, which is responsible for both the core electronics and phone’s design.

That design was announced at CES 2013.

Inside the 3.5-inch Yolo is an Intel Atom Z2420 processor that can run at speeds up to 1.2 GHz and Intel’s XMM 6265 modem with HSPA+ support for global roaming.

Yolo will be sold in Safaricom shops in Kenya at an entry price of Kshs. 10,999 (about $125) and comes bundled with 500 MB of free data.

[Source : CNET]


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  2. so i am wondering do you know the complete variations between professional and debut? and therefore are the extra supplies significant? i am considering purchasing.. the debut version will be a lot less expensive than the professional version though.

    and really should i order the disc version or download directly?


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