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Innovations in Hot Tub Technology

Hot tubs are considered one of the most luxurious home purchases, and manufacturers are constantly keeping them up to date to make the product more appealing. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, the Jacuzzi market has found new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve.


Smart homes are increasingly becoming a reality, allowing users to control appliances and home functions via their smartphone or tablet devices. A recent report by mobile-industry analyst Juniper Research found that smart-home service revenues are expected to reach $7.1 billion by 2018. This is a huge increase of $33 billion compared to last year, indicating that more consumers are now relying on online connections to operate their homes.

As a result of this growing trend, hot tub manufacturers are offering apps that give consumers the ability to control their tubs via a WiFi connection from anywhere in the world. Users can choose the water care setting that best suits their schedule, with the temperature and filtration settings being adjusted accordingly.

More of these apps are becoming available on iOS and Android, giving users control over their preferences and settings of their hot tub. In addition to these highly advanced mobile pool management devices, other apps, such as the Insta-Link Water Testing help to maintain the spa, by testing the water’s chemical levels for example.

With analysts estimating around 200 billion app downloads by 2017, these mobile solutions to hot tub management could become more varied and impressive in the future. Highly sophisticated geo-location technology could mean that your hot tub starts up to your ideal settings as soon as it senses you coming through the door after work.


Another way hot tub technology is evolving is by offering in-built sound systems. Multi-functionality and entertainment is becoming ever more important to modern day consumers. Therefore hot tub manufacturers and retailers, such as Artesian Spas, offer a wide range of sound system solutions, including CD changers, radio receivers, sub-woofers and speakers.

While this type of upgrade is becoming more popular, it is digital music that will become more common in future hot tubs. According to a study by Mahindra Comviva and Ovum Consulting, the global digital music market is set to grow by $9 billion this year alone, proving that listeners prefer a digital platform.

Similar to the smartphone function controls, users will be able to use their devices to play music and audio via their spa. Currently, this requires a holder to protect the device from water damage. However, as more major brands like Sony and Samsung launch waterproof smartphones, this type of feature is set to become more widely available and easily accessible.

Wireless connections and integrated systems could mean that future users simply have to place their waterproof handset down on their hot tub panelling, allowing the tub and phone to sync up. Not only could this have implications for sound systems, but it could also potentially mean that your hot tub could function as a secondary phone, with built-in microphones allowing you to make and receive calls from the comfort of your Jacuzzi.


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