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IFA 2013: Lenovo shows Haswell-based ThinkPad Ultrabooks; 21:9 monitor

IFA Berlin is simply getting began with major shopper electronics companies having their keynote addresses beginning nowadays. Lenovo has set the ball rolling with its announcement of the more modern ThinkPad portfolio on the way to game Intel’s 4th era Has well processors. the new ThinkPad T440s, T440 and X240 Ultra books could have a 20 per cent thinner type factor and up to 45 % better track pads with more advantageous click on performance assisting windows 8 gestures. These new Ultra books also claim to have up to 17 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The Ultra books function energy Bridge technology which allows users to swap external batteries without powering down their computer. This new “sizzling swap” function is on hand with the ThinkPad 68(23.5Wh), sixty eight+ (72Wh), and 48Wh batteries. they will also have a number of sensors onboard such because the G-sensor to realize shock, thermal sensors to discover and handle warmth, voltage sensors to keep watch over present and vital voltage sensors to protect key components, hardware-based totally biometric fingerprint safety and so on.

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s is the higher end ThinkPad claiming to have a 17-hour battery life

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s is the higher finish ThinkPad claiming to have a 17-hour battery existence

ThinkPad T440s and T440 are on the high end featuring 14-inch monitors (with an choice for touch screens), Has well Core i7 processors, enhance for up to 12GB DDR3L, either SSDs (512GB) or HDDs (1TB) and up to 17 hours of battery existence. The adaptation between the two is that the T440s will sport a 1080p monitor whereas the T440 will max out at a decision of 1600×900. Additionally the latter shall be dearer than the previous.

The ThinkPad X240 offers a smaller 12.5-inch reveal with a 1366×768 decision display (with an choice of 1080p resolution as well), having options up to Core i7 Has well paired with Intel HD 4400 built-in GPU, up to 8GB of RAM and coming in each the HDD in addition to the SSD variants. Battery life of the X sequence Ultra books is predicted to the touch 10 hours.

Lenovo ThinkPad S440 sports a 14-inch screen

Lenovo ThinkPad S440 sports a 14-inch monitor

The S series will cater to the small trade customers who want a ThinkPad expertise. The 14-inch ThinkPad S440 and 15-inch S540 will have up to Core i7 Has well processors with Intel HD 4400 GPU and the GPU is upgradeable to AMD HD 8670M. The S540 could have two RAM slots supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM as opposed to a single slot helping up to 8GB for the S440; S540 will are available SSD (512GB) and HDD (1TB) variant whereas the capacities will be SSD (256GB) and HDD (500GB) for the S440. ultimately, when it comes to decision, the S540 will sport a 1920×1080 monitor whereas the S440 may have a 1600×900 reveal.

The Lenovo LT2943z sports a 21:9 aspect ratio with a 2560x1080 pixel resolution

The Lenovo LT2943z sports a 21:9 facet ratio with a 2560×1080 pixel decision

Lenovo additionally introduced a 21:9 panoramic show with the Think Vision LT2934z display which sports a 29-inch AH-IPS LED backlit panel with a 2560×1080 pixel resolution. The show is anticipated to have one VGA port, one HDMI port, one DVI-D port, one Display Port, two USB three. Zero ports and two USB 2.0 ports. It is anticipated to be priced at USD 799 (approx: Rs. 54,332*) at launch in October.

The availability and authentic pricing for the ThinkPad Ultra books is as follows:
ThinkPad T440s available beginning finish of October priced from $1149 (approx: Rs. seventy eight,132*)
ThinkPad T440 available beginning finish of October priced from $899. (Approx: Rs. sixty one, 132*)
ThinkPad X240 on hand starting end of October priced from $1099. (Approx: Rs. 74732*)

the following products will be on hand at the beginning in make a choice markets :< br />ThinkPad S440 available in September priced from €699. (Approx: Rs.sixty one, 512**)
ThinkPad S540 on hand beginning October priced from €649. (Approx: Rs. fifty seven, 112**)
Think Vision LT2934z available beginning October priced from $799. (Approx: Rs. 70,312**)


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