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Humble Indie Bundle 7 gets more games

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 was an already great collection of games and now it’s even better. The folks at Humble Bundle have made three additions to the ‘pay more than the average’ part of the bundle–Cave Story+, Offspring Fling and The Basement Collection.

The Basement Collection is a collection of seven flash games made by Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac fame. The collection includes Aether, Coil, Grey-Matter, Meat Boy (which was the prototype for the insanely successful Super Meat Boy), Spewer, Time Fcuk and Triachnid.

Cave Story+ is the enhanced version of the original Cave Story, which was originally published for free in 2004. The enhanced version contains additional levels and was released on the Wii. It also has lets you pick the original graphics or the enhanced ones.

humble bundle V

More games!

Humble Indie Bundle 7

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 is a typical pay-what-you-want affair, with the proceeds going to the developers, the people at Humble Bundle and the Child’s Play charity, with the split decided by you. Paying over the average price, which is $6.57 as I write this, will net you two more games—Legend of Grimrock and Dungeon Defends with some of its DLC. You also get access to the soundtracks for the games in both MP3 and FLAC formats.

Back in November, THQ collaborated with Humble Bundle to bring the Humble THQ Bundle. The bundle gave six AAA games in the Humble Bundle’s pay-what-you-want format. The games included in the Humble THQ Bundle were Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. The games you got if you paid over the average price included Saints Row The Third. Later on, more games were added to the bundle, including Titan Quest and Dawn of War: Game of the Year edition. While Humble Bundle games are usually cross-platform, the THQ Bundle required Steam on Windows.

Also available at the time was the Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Bundle. Those who paid for the Bundle got the five top-voted prototypes, besides the prototypes of Costume Quest and Happy Song. Those who paid more than the average price also got a bonus prototype—Brazen. Double Fine also live-streamed the development of the prototypes.

Originally, there were 23 game ideas on the Amnesia Fortnight bundle page and players could vote on which games would be developed. The top four games from the ideas would become prototypes.

Amnesia Fortnight is the name for Double Fine’s annual prototyping period. They apparently take two weeks off from whatever they’re working on, split the company into small teams, and each team gets two weeks to make a game. Double Fine says they do this to test new ideas and to test new project leaders who feel ready to have a project of their own. Many of the games Double Fine has released in the last few years have come from the Amnesia Fortnight process. Tim Schafer says, “It’s really a great morale boost for the team, and a highly effective way to develop new game ideas.”

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  2. Whenever I double-click Bastion to operate it, it simply states “Bastion has eliminateInch and shuts it. I can not have it to operate whatsoever!

    I downloaded it from Humble Indie Bundle V.

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