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HTC ropes in Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr for $12 million marketing blitz

HTC ropes in Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr

HTC is all set to launch a comprehensive two-year marketing campaign with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr taking centre stage, according to sources that spoke to Bloomberg. The deal will cover most AV mediums like television, print and billboard advertising across the world, and is reportedly worth $12 million. Downey Jr will have some level of creative control on the content being showed.
Despite the positive responses that the company is getting for its latest offering, the One smartphone, HTC has definitely been struggling to match up with rival Samsung in terms of marketing and reach. The high profile departures that were reported earlier have not helped the company either. HTC was earlier reported to have sold around five million One phones since its March launch. However, this number seems relatively less when compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which sold 10 million smartphones within a month of its launch.

HTC signs up Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr for 2 year marketing deal (image credi: Walt Disney Pictures)

HTC signs up Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr for 2-year marketing deal



Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho is of the opinion that the company is not being loud enough while talking to the press. The CMO also added that the company is looking at revamping the “Quietly Brilliant” tagline, replacing it with a campaign that will revolve around “bold”, “authentic” and “playful” as keywords.


An HTC spokesperson Bloomberg, while talking to a, were told that the company, as of now, has nothing new to say, but reiterated that the One smartphone was getting really positive feedback from both the media and consumers. According to the spokesperson, “Anyone with a penchant for metal should be able to appreciate its appeal.”


HTC isn’t a complete stranger when it comes to using a celebrity as a spokesperson for products. The company launched its One smartphone with a commercial that featured James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame. And Downey Jr seems to be a good bet as well, because the star has appearances assured in both the second and third Avengers movies, according to Marvel. The first sequel is lined up for release on May 1, 2015.



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