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HTC HD2 seen running Windows RT

At this point, it would be safe to say that the HTC HD2 is a legendary device in development circles. Apparently, an HD2 has been spotted in the wild running Windows RT, which is essentially an operating system for tablets. According to GSMArena, the hack was performed by a developer who goes by @CotullaCode on Twitter. He has posted screenshots that show the operating system running on the HD2. He hasn’t given any instructions yet, and the performance on the device probably isn’t ideal, but this is a great example of what developers can do with an open device.


It is a testament to the openness of the device, as well as the tenacity of developers, that a device that was released in 2009 can run a full-blown tablet operating system released not even four months ago. This could be attributed to the specifications of the device, which were breathtaking at its launch, and can still hold their own compared to some of the mid-end devices available today.


Nokia Microsoft tablet

The HD2 can be seen here running Windows RT


Back in 2011, developers calling themselves the Dark Forces Team managed to port Windows Phone 7 to the device. The same team also worked on porting Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango to the device.


On the Windows RT side, things have been relatively quiet since Microsoft launched its own tablet, but details emerged recently about Nokia’s own attempts at a tablet. According to reports in the media, the upcoming slate from the Finnish mobile giant will feature cellular connectivity, HDMI and USB ports along with a 10.1-inch display that is similar to the screen found on the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Another major revelation is that this tablet will debut in early 2013, which matches up with earlier rumours about the possible announcement date.


It is rumoured that Nokia planned to develop the tablet with a Qualcomm S4 processor under the hood earlier this year, but pushed the plan back after Microsoft’s announcement of the Surface tablet. Nokia then intentionally focused on smartphones and delayed development of the 10-inch tablet. The company is apparently still evaluating the current tablet market due to the below-expectations performance of Microsoft Surface RT. Following Nokia’s current naming convention, the tablet may be branded under the Lumia series and could have a design similar to the current Lumia phones.


Another report stated that Nokia is planning on further entrenching itself into Microsoft’s Windows 8 ecosystem, with the company seemingly set to announce the new device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February 2013.


It is also speculated that HTC may be working on a tablet to rival Apple’s current range. The company is said to be working on a 12-inch tablet, as well as a 7-inch model, both of which will have the ability to make phone calls. Both these tablets will run on Windows RT. HTC is believed to debut these products in 2013.

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  1. I am a student thats really searching toward setting it up However I simply have 1 concern… I understand that you simply can’t run legacy applications at first glance RT, but could you download shows? For instance, i really like using to trap on shows watch movies online. Does 1channel focus on it? Are you able to download from this website?

  2. i got a htc hd2 with android 2.3.3 from craigslist but it wont let me go on the market it says it needs a password for a email that belongs to the previous owner. ive tried to delete the account but it doesn’t let me it says “the account is needed”

    is there anyway to delete the account?
    if i cant delete the account how can i take off android?

  3. i would like a apple iphone alternative for approximately 600 dollars. I’d like a 5mp camera too… ideas?

  4. I purchased the htc hd2 mobile phone phone yesterday and ive been playing by using it however i just cant appear to obtain the expensive player to operate and it is driving me crazy the only real videos i’m able to watch come from youtube! if i wish to watch every other video it does not allow me to! after i visit a website which has a video it allows me realize that i want adobe expensive player 9 and also to enable javascript ive attempted to download it however it does not let me and ive also attempted to download adobe expensive player 7 for home windows mobile also it keeps saying cellular phone is not successful what shall we be held doing wrong here? help!!

    and just how exactly would i download skyfire browser??

    nevermind i first got it thanks!

  5. I simply got the Mytouch Slide and that i enjoy it, but you will find another good phones available. I’m able to trade for that Htc Hd2 Mobile Phone or even the Google Android Nexus One. Just wondering has anybody possessed a number of these to? Also will the HD2 make use of the Android market? Any assistance is appreciated.

  6. I acquired a C5, however i have the video quality is inadequate. I want a HD video camera can take pictures. I understand the HD2’s video isn’t good if shot at nighttime? Could it be excellent within the vibrant places?

    Anybody with a HD2 please produce advice. Thanks

  7. I’m getting issues with my Htc Hd2 Mobile Phone phone.

    After an application. do the installation crashed, it just shows the HTC logo design after which …nothing(however it works, cause i hear the seem in the secrets). I attempted to sync it with my pc to possess its ROM exhibited but nothing. How do i expensive it without sync?

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