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HP unveils Windows 8 tabletop PC, Envy Rove 20

HP unveils Windows 8 tabletop PC

HP’s latest offering is their all-in-one touchscreen PC; the Envy Rove 20. Joining the pack, which includes the Dell XPS 18, the Sony VAIO Tap 20 and the Asus Transformer AIO, the HP Envy Rove 20 is a tabletop PC that you can carry around. It will feature a 20-inch touchscreen, a four-hour battery as well as a spring-loaded kickstand that will fold flat into the PC frame. While this is not its first all-in-one PC, the Envy Rove 20 is the first PC that HP is offering that you can carry around with you.


According to the company the 10-point capacitive touchscreen feels responsive while the kickstand allows for easy access. The kickstand features a button around the back to release the lever as you set it down. However, first hand sources said the machine felt fairly thick and heavy especially for one designed to be carried around by users. In comparison, it was said to feel quite a bit thicker than the Dell XPS 18, for instance. Additionally the 1600 x 900 IPS touchscreen wasn’t seen as being as crisp, clear or pixel-dense as it could have been.


HP's new all-in-one PC, the Envy Rove 20

HP’s new all-in-one PC, the Envy Rove 20



Internally though, the HP Envy Rove 20 seems to be a whole other story. HP has included Intel’s latest Haswell processors as well as next-gen 802.11ac Wi-Fi and three USB ports. Additionally, the company seems to be offering a 1TB hybrid hard drive, as well as Intel’s Wireless Display tech so as to be able to connect to a TV. In terms of audio, HP is giving users Beats Audio processing for specially tuned speakers.


HP has also announced the launch of two lower-end all-in-ones, the Pavilion TouchSmart 20 and 23. Both PCs will have five-point optical touch instead of a 10-point capacitive screen. Both models will mostly be available next month with a mix of 2013 AMD processors and Intel Haswell chips.


According to the annoucement, HP has said that it will be aiming to put the Envy Rove 20 at a price, which will range somewhere below $1,000 (Rs 55,420 approx) which will include a mouse and keyboard. While many wonder if the market is ready for an all-in-one touchscreen PC, HP has said that it will look to launch the Rove 20 in July of this year. The TouchSmart 20 will arrive in markets from June 23, with a starting price of $620 (Rs 34360 approx), while the TouchSmart 23 will ship from June 5 onwards with a range starting from $749 (Rs 41509 approx).







  1. Among the inputs around the back is High-definition multimedia interface, I additionally have virgin media Tivo box, Can one connect the two and just how will i get it done, thanks, Mike

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  4. For college, I will be receiving one of these simple PC’s. I wish to determine if there’s space to connect an additional monitor (my current one) to be able to convey more desktop space. It should be noted the PC have a 2GB Nvidea Card.

  5. ok soon i must be purchasing a pc, and that i really enjoy the all in ones. the 2 primary ones which i like would be the The new sony L-Series touch screen PC, and also the new iMac, i have tried personally Home windows based PC’s my existence, i’ll be while using computer mainly for arty things, like writing music on Finale, photo editing and video editing

  6. Lately i made the decision to trash my slow old PC and purchase a replacement with single wire all-in-one computer since i have do not have an excessive amount of space on my small desk. Generally i apply it my small company work, like writing letters, excel spreadsheets and little email and internet use. I’ve been using DELL for any very long time i possess a DELL Inspiron laptop and so i made the decision to appear on DELL and located this Studio19ONE pretty and also stylish with touch screen and all sorts of that. I had been prepared to buy that but my spouse who use Mac laptop along with a large fan of MAC advised me to choose IMAC that is 21.5″ (3″ bigger screen than DELL) and that i could possibly get it less expensive than DELL but IMAC doesn’t have touch screen. Now i’m very confused when i can’t choose which one i ought to choose ? Mainly i’d be utilising it in my business purpose and i’m reluctant to choose IMAC as i have not tried on the extender before and that i m unsure how compatible it might be ? Any suggestion or help please.

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