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How to Use Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme


The Thesis is new latest theme framework 2.0 is highly optimize wordpress premium themeit is flexibility designed with lots of customization and skin theme packs over thousand of peoples are using this.


If you bought this this and don’t know to to install or use it for first time user them here is smalltutorial.

Download Thesis 2.0 Theme

First download the latest version of Thesis from

Install and activate: Theme

  1. Login to WordPress admin.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Install Theme > Upload Theme
  3. Upload your downloaded Thesis 2.0
  4. Click “Activate” after installation is complete.


After “Activate” now new icon Appear in “Admin Control Panel



Now to go Thesis theme Admin Panel Here, click “Click to get started!” button. before following these steps your site show blank page! After clicking “get started” button, Thesis will install default skins and folders.

Now Edit the Skin go to Skin then Skin Editor Of Theme



SEO Thesis WordPress Theme:

Now here you can add Meta data of your site home page.



Now enjoy your best site with best theme you install custom skin packs or built your own .

[ Source :- Srdelta ]


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  3. what’s web 2 . 0.. I’m UI designer, I personally use to create site with “DIV” tag and CSS ie table less site. Is this can be a Web 2 . 0. or something like that diffrent.

    I would like detail about web2., anybody includes a detail idea or rules known

  4. Jarred Drainville

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