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How to Get Back the Start Button in Windows 8

As reported earlier, Microsoft is killing off the Start button with Windows 8. Windows 8 Consumer Preview replaces the Start button with a hotspot towards the bottom left corner of the screen.

The Start button is one of the most iconic aspects of Windows, and has been emulated widely since its introduction in Windows 95. It’s impossible to not feel a tinge of sadness as we bid adieu to the Startbutton. However, to be honest, I don’t really miss the Start button in the new Windows 8 build. The Metro interface, which features a full screen application launcher, is intuitive and efficient, irrespective of the form factor you are using. Nevertheless, if you still want to get the Start button back, there is asimple trick that will serve your purpose. Here’s what you need to do.



  • Download MetroStart8 from here. This tiny app is available in five different flavors – each having a different Start icon.
  • Extract the zip file to any location on your hard drive.
  • Right click on the Start.exe file, and select “Pin to Taskbar” from the context menu.
  • Drag the icon to the left as shown in the screenshot below.


The button simply simulates a Win key press, and mimics the functionality of the Start button. It’s largely redundant, but is a quick and simple fix for anyone missing the Start button.


  1. I simply got Home windows 8. I have been investing a couple of days trying to puzzle out where they moved everything around (and that i mean everything) There is nothing somewhere that’s convenient or makes good sense. The os’s no more opens towards the desktop but to some start screen full of application tiles. To visit the office top are looking for the desktop tile then to obtain the start button you need to hover your mouse pointer on the screen until a start box seems. I possibly could write volumes how stupid and convoluted it’s. The only real factor worse than Home windows 8 is Skype for home windows 8. If you wish to remove a message you cannot. I have attempted everything. You will find a lot of demands for your answer online they have been crashes.

    Most likely the developers are wise however the designers are idiots.

    Dominic , whatever you say about Home windows 8 may be true but exactly how to function it defies good sense. Why put all things in irrational locations and why get people to spend days attempting to decipher it? trying to puzzle out new Home windows versions is much like placing a puzzle together not understanding exactly what the picture appears like.

    and right hitting a message in Skype for home windows 8 does not do anything whatsoever . Most likely because it might be good sense.

  2. This past year I bought home windows 8 for approximately $15 through my college program and that i upgraded from home windows 7 quickly. I attempted very hard to love the interface also it did not get it done for me personally. No start button, looking system was simple to use but difficult when looking for particular documents. Nevertheless its been more than a year and that i heard an area continues to be introduced so I’m wondering or no current home windows 8 customers could let me know if everything seems exactly the same? Thank everyone.

  3. simplify completely ?18 x^8

    You will find no brackets

    Solutions include

    9x ?2x^7

    3x ?2x^7

    Are you able to also let you know that you first got it? Thx

  4. Have upgraded the OS to Home windows 8, however the interface is all new and fresh which i cannot get accustomed to it. For instance, there’s no Start button, in comparison with other versions. Can you really give a Start button?thanks

  5. Garfield Hoffman

    I’ve got a Home windows 8 pc, and also have been having fun with it to get accustomed to it. I mucked around around the start menu and accidentally erased a couple of stuff that I shouldnt have, or didnt wish to. How do i restore the beginning menu to the actual way it was after i purchased, departing my files and programs alone (not removing them, I still would like them, but this is not on the beginning menu)?

    The primary application I’m searching for may be the start menu Ie. I’ve the desktop version, but want the beginning menu version.

    The primary application I’m searching for may be the start menu Ie. I’ve the desktop version, but want the beginning menu version.

    How do i re-have the Ie Start Menu application?

  6. Can anybody let me know what exactly are all of the factors of 8?

  7. i truly hate that tile layout and wish Start button back .. shall i install home windows 7

  8. Hey, I’ve home windows 8 Professional so when ever I register it begins with that really annoying page that has you are applications and programs, on my small old laptop I’d home windows 7 so when I signed inside it began off around the desktop screen, what is the method to change it out and so i register and that i begin around the start screen?


    Sorry Should i be making no sense 🙁

  9. Adalberto Heroth

    I dislike Pikki and Stardock.

    I wish to possess a fast Home windows 7-like button with Games shortcut

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