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How to change your Kindle device name

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Change Kindle name How to change your Kindle device name

Amazon Kindle devices are automatically named when you activate them to something like, “Ed’s Kindle.” A second Kindle on your account will be named, “Ed’s 2nd Kindle.” If you want to change the name to something a bit more descriptive, like the specific model (Paperwhite, Fire, Fire HD, etc.), here’s how:

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Step 1: Go to the Amazon Kindle management page and log in with the account you used to register your Kindle.

Step 2: Click on the “edit” link next to the name of the Kindle you want to rename.

Manage your Kindle 610x297 How to change your Kindle device name

Step 3: Enter the name you want, then click the “update” button.

Edit Kindle name 610x297 How to change your Kindle device name

That’s it. Your Kindle’s new name should show up the next time it syncs or you can try to sync it manually. If it doesn’t show up right away, you can also try restarting your Kindle, then force a sync.

source – cnet


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    My Father bought me and themself a Amazon Kindle Fire for Christmas. I blocked mine in and set in most my Amazon . com information, downloaded the one thing, also it just demonstrated what Amazon Kindle Fire. Lengthy Story short, mine was defective, so my Father DeRegistered his and gave it in my experience. After I got home, I acquired onto it and set my Amazon . com account on the website. Within the top-left corner, it stated “Devin’s second Kindle”. And So I DeRegistered it, understanding that my other you have my info on it. How do you have it removed from Amazon .


    MY Kindle was Defective but nonetheless had my Amazon . com information on it. To ensure that continues to be MY Kindle. How do i take my Account info from it from Amazon . I spoken to some Amazon . com kindle specialist to have an hour plus they couldnt help. They stated to send it back and obtain another. My father got it from Fred Meyer plus they didnt have and that i was returning home today. So he required his account from HIS Kindle and gave it in my experience. I put my account on the website also it stated Devin’s second Kindle. And So I required them back and I am asking basically might take my account from my first, defective Kindle.

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