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Google Search will now take you on a ‘carousel’ ride

Google Search will now take you on a ‘carousel’ ride

The next time you search for Italian eateries in your area, Google will sweep you off for a carousel ride of sorts. Google is giving its search results page an interactive “carousel” that will help you better with searching local eateries and joints.

The feature works in a simple way. You search for, say, Chinese restaurants on Google Search. The result page will have a carousel of establishments, complete with their images for you to view. It will contain several details about the restaurants, including its overall review-based score and address.

Go on a virtual ride

Go on a virtual ride

If you want to get results from just a particular area, you can zoom in to the area on the map provided below the carousel. The feature will serve as ample promotion for Google Maps features like directions and ratings, getting users to take these into consideration before zeroing down on a place to go to.

The Google Search carousel feature had been available for users of iPad and other select tablets since December but has only just made its way to desktops. It’s never too late, Google! A lot more users will be able to access this time-saving, good looking feature on Search. It will also serve as a great boost to local eateries on Google Search, shoving them under a spotlight. Monetising the feature could be a good idea too, as Google has been stepping on the gas when it comes to featuring advertisements on its search page these days.

The feature will only be rolling out in English to users in the US for now, but is sure to make its way to international markets in various languages soon.



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  3. Yes they’re old but all i understand is Google Loco™

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