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Google offering holiday gift to Google Music users!


Google cares a lot about their users, and today it’s a lucky day for all the Google Music users. Good news for all the Google Music users is that you people are getting a travel bonus from Google, and trust me, such kind of stuff rarely happens. Have a look on the announcement:

Traveling this season and want to make sure your music goes with you? Add up to 20,000 songs from your music collection to Google Play and stream it to your Android devices and your computer, anywhere you go.

Our new music matching feature gets your songs into your online music library on Google Play much faster. We’ll scan your collection and quickly rebuild it in the cloud – all for free. And we’ll stream your music back to you at up to 320 kbps.

This feature is live today for people in the US, following our European launch last month. Check it out:!  It’ll be music to your ears.

So Google wants you to have the best holiday season ever by listening to unlimited music anytime, anywhere. Are you a Google Music user? If yes then don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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  1. How can you experience re-gifting?

    Edit: Meaning of re-gifting:

    Obtaining a pressent from someone, not utilizing it for reasons uknown, after which passing on to another person. It’s like recycling gifts.

  2. what will be a good gift for 16 and 13 years old women? they’re so difficult to purchase for.

  3. Will they accept gift certificates.

    I am speaking about gift certificates to junk food things like that..not angel dollars.

  4. Christmas present gift, I am talking about.

  5. i want some gift ides for valentine’s

  6. What must i do?

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    The mother who received the audience gift has been doing only complain, she’s required the receipts since it’s not what she wanted, after which is also proclaiming that the present cards received(most of gift) can’t be combined with what she would like.

    She states she was depending around the gift being what she wanted and desires me to consider back the present now and merely produce money (and provide this gift to another mother).

    Your opinion on how to proceed? (considering that they includes a premmie baby and it is under ruthless)

  7. My pal is getting an engagement party and that i was thinking about getting a present. Does which means that I must bring a present towards the wedding,too? Or must i save the present for that wedding rather? Thanks!

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