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Google makes professor’s dream of $100 laptop reality

Google Inc  began selling basic laptop computers to schools at a price of $99, meeting a price point that prominent MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte famously held out in 2005 as key to bringing computing power to the masses.

The Internet giant said on Monday that it will be offering the steep educational discount on Series 5 Chromebooks from Samsung Electronics Co through December 21. They typically retail for $399.

Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child Foundation failed to meet his ambitious target, which critics said would be impossible to meet when he set it. His XO laptop currently sell for about $200.

Google $99 Chromebook

Google began selling basic laptops to schools at a price of $99

 Google Laptop

Still, he is widely credited with helping to launch the era of low-cost portable computing.

The creation of relatively low-cost laptops from his foundation pressured industry giants including Intel Corp , Microsoft Corp , Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc to develop inexpensive versions of their products such as the netbook.

Information on the program is available at (

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  1. I saw an Hewlett packard notebook which was 99 cents and it didn’t say reserve not met and have crazy high shipping cost, so might be people really selling that soo cheap or perhaps is there some catch?

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  3. Nintendo wii….why would someone purchase a portable dvd player for travelling once they could only use laptops?

    They have a laptop but could it be worth purchasing a transportable dvd player purely to look at movies on plane tickets once they carry laptops together?

  4. Everywhere I look, it simply shows laptops using the GPU. I would like the GPU it’s self.

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