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Google makes MIT professor’s dream of ‘$100 laptop’ a reality

Google Inc began selling basic laptop computers to schools at a price of $99, meeting a price point that prominent MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte famously held out in 2005 as key to bringing computing power to the masses.

The Internet giant said on Monday that it will be offering the steep educational discount on Series 5 Chromebooks from Samsung Electronics Co through December 21. They typically retail for $249.

Samsung Electronics Co

Google starts selling $99 laptop

Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child Foundation failed to meet his ambitious target, which critics said would be impossible to meet when he set it. His XO laptop currently sell for about $200.

Still, he is widely credited with helping to launch the era of low-cost portable computing.

The creation of relatively low-cost laptops from his foundation pressured industry giants including Intel Corp , Microsoft Corp , Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc to develop inexpensive versions of their products such as the netbook.

Information on the program is available at the Google Blog.


[source : Tech2]



  1. Florencio Degunya

    Will this be sufficiently good to run Slender, Minecraft, and Adobe Expensive Cs5 easily, for any cost such as this? Is that this cost even well worth the laptop?

    I wish to ensure that it stays cheap and efficient at LEAST below $535:

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  2. I saw the commercial for that little small laptop verizon has , for 100$

    Is it necessary to possess a plan with phones on verizon? or are you able to just obtain the laptop, using its own plan or whatever ?

    pleaaseee let me know whatever you know abut it ! thanks (:

  3. Jefferson Kintner

    Genuine Home windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    AMD Quad-Core A10-4600M Faster Processor (3.2GHz/2.3GHz, 4MB L2 Cache)

    2GB AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7730M Graphics

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    Hewlett packard TrueVision Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone + Hewlett packard SimplePass Fingerprint Readers 802.11b/g/n WLAN

    Backlit Keyboard

    Is that this great for fundamental gaming and graphics? Could it be worth 649.99$ ?

  4. Anybody got any ideas about adding a mouse to some laptop. I understand hardly any about laptops and it was just wondering whether i’m able to fit a mouse to mine. Are you able to get wireless laptops or ones that suit right into a usb socket?

  5. what laptop must i get? i would like a laptop which has apple Core2 and a minimum of 320gb harddrive… i believed from the DELL inspiron 15. having a lengthy lasting batterythats not charging and it is light… but nonetheless i am not sure which laptop is nice but… how certified nursing assistant i recieve wi-fi?

  6. hey i am just wondering if my laptop can upgrade it’s Video Card because right now, i am located on a very bad video card.

    listed here are my specs:

    Processor: Apple Core i3-2310M (2.1GHz, 3MB L3 Cache)

    Graphics: IntelHD Graphics 3000, as much as 1760MB Dynamic Video Memory

    RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Memory

    Hard Disk: 500GB Hard disk drive

    Seem: I have got seem.

    Internet: Clearly.

    OS: Home windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Direct X: Direct X 11

    Now can i upgrade the video card?

    If you can as well produce a great listing of some compatible graphics cards?

  7. so im 12 and i have told my mother i would like a laptop and she or he states things like “youre 12 years of age! its not necessary a laptop.” and that i know shes most likely right..my siblings didnt get laptops until they visited college. and there exists a pc i jump on, however i reaalllllllllllllllly desire a computer will be able to take anywhere. assist me to decide:::even when im prepared to assist in paying for that laptop, must i attempt to wait annually, 2 or 3 to reason with my mother, OR must i try to convince my mother that im ready to defend myself against the duty to possess my very own laptop?and i’m prepared to assist in paying for this. i am not requesting something uncommon, shall we be held? among the finest a great working laptop.

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