Saturday , May 28 2016
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Google launches Cloud Print app for Android devices

Google launches Cloud Print app

Google's new Cloud Print app for Android.

Google’s new Cloud Print app for Android.

Android users now can print photos, documents, and other files directly to certain printers with Google’s Cloud Print app.

Landing in Google Play on Wednesday, the app allows you to print from any compatible Android phone or tablet to any Google Cloud Print connected printer. You can also share photos and documents from the built-in Gallery and other Android apps to Cloud Print and check on the status of your print jobs.

You can see if your printer is compatible with Google’s cloud printing through the Cloud Print Web site.



  1. I’ve the htc wildfire s running android 2.3.3, Altering a wallpaper will require effect for those 7 desltop. However I want 7 different wallpaper for that 7 different desltop- can you accomplish that if that’s the case how?

  2. like what’s the “itunes” for android

  3. what’s Android Intent?

  4. i would like android operating system mobile phone. how’s Dell co? is bada OS is preferable to android.? how abt symbian. please suggest me android cell ph which costs under 11000 Rupees (india).

    how’s HTC hardware? could it be good. common issues with mobile phones are their buttons ll get spoil easily. How’s Dell for android and just what about samsung?

  5. I purchased an ACER A500 from China which is running around the Android Operating System. Regrettably, it’s all default applications which i have no need for, plus i can not download everything from the android market. Same with there anyway i’m able to set the program so its like i purchased it make up the U.S.?

    To explain, software differ slightly between regions, so there’s the U.S. form of the Android Operating System, along with a Chinese form of the Android U.S. My tablet automatically has got the Chinese form of the Android Operating System, since i have got it from China, but i wish to U.S. form of the android O.S.

    Altering the nation with the configurations doesn’t work BTW. Its a massive problem since i have can’t read everything from china form of the android market.

  6. What’s the easiest method to create android games?

  7. I’ve got a Motorola defy + and in some way the android store has transformed to home windows play store? How do you get android back?

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