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Google Edition of HTC One to be launched in summer

Google Edition of HTC One

After Google showed off the Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, all eyes have been on HTC to do the same with its flagship – the HTC One. According to CNET, wishes will be coming true. The report cites sources close to HTC that confirm the existence of a Google Edition of HTC One. The company will be launching the phone sometime this summer, and we’re guessing it will be around the middle of June.

The seriously sexy smartphone is playing hard to get

Like this, but without any of the HTC bloatware
A Google Edition of a phone would essentially be the same hardware albeit with stock Android – the same version as that running on Google’s Nexus devices. The Google Edition of phones would also be receiving Android updates at the same time as Nexus devices do, and  if the HTC One’s Google Edition turns out to be the same as that of the S4, the bootloader will be unlocked right out of the box, thus giving developers quite a beast to play with.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has made name for itself over the years by making great-looking smartphones with a meticulous attention to detail. The latest flagship, the HTC One, is a great example. Its design and the unibody construction have been universally praised, including in our review. And it’s a great device in terms of performance as well thanks to the Snapdragon 600 SoC.

The regular HTC One was going to be available in India by now, but so far, the most we have gotten have been pre-orders, with the shipping being scheduled for next week.


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