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New Gmail inbox design now available for Android, iOS users

New Gmail inbox design now available

The wait is finally over for those itching to get their hands on the brand new Gmail inbox. The new versions of the Gmail for Android and Gmail for iPhone and iPad apps are now available for download.

To get the update, click on the gear menu in Gmail on the desktop and select Configure inbox. Once you have this sorted, primary emails will be displayed first the next time you login to your email. To view emails within other categories – Social, Promotions etc., users can click on those tabs. Those using Gmail on the desktop will see that the new inbox will divides emails into categories that will show up as different tabs. Users can simply pick the categories they want. An inbox organised thus lets users see their latest emails at a glance and also decide when to read it. The new inbox can be customised too. Users can select the tabs they want from all five to none, drag-and-drop to move messages between tabs and even set certain senders to always show up in a particular tab. They can also “star” messages so they appear in the Primary tab.

Tabs to organise emails better

New Gmail inbox design

In addition to the tabs, the updates come with some other features too. Those using Android devices will get a new design with profile photos, a navigation menu. Those using iOS devices like iPhones and iPads will get the ability to choose to receive notifications for all messages, only important messages, or no messages at all, on a per account basis.

The updated apps are available for download now on their respective app stores.




  1. I understand how to push gmail contacts towards the apple iphone but I wish to push apple iphone contacts to gmail and I’d rather not make use of a PC. Anybody understand how?

  2. I created one Gmail account for example

    [email protected] and that address work as [email protected] ..if some one send me email on [email protected] or on [email protected] i got it on same account ..

    but when i make it facebook with that account , Facebook can’t send me verification email on [email protected] and work with [email protected]

    How it’s work and how 2 username work as one? please help thanks a lot!

  3. My gmail account was labeled by others before, and also the gmail confirmation letter was erased, how do i cancel the label from other peoples account?

  4. Tanner Henggeler

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