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Geek trifecta! Hidden Legos, CERN, and Google Street View

In finding three Lego minifigures like this one in Google side road View’s protection of CERN, and you’ll gain huge geek bragging rights.

Oh, it’s on: a geek trisect for the while. Lagos. CERN. And Google Street View.

Prior this week, Switzerland’s CERN, residence of the big Hadrons Collider, launched a global treasure hunt. Hidden throughout the well-known lab’s pc center are more than 20 Lego minifigures — “Hawaiian dancers, space aliens, gorillas,” and more. To find three of them on the Google boulevard View version of CERN, and you earn a possibility at some prizes. Extra importantly, big Greek creed. How you can validate your finds? As Gizmo does put it, “screen grabs or it did not occur.”

CNET may not win, but we did in finding one Lego minifigures.

CERN is picking two winners. One from the lab itself, and one from anyone else who finds at least three figures and emails in their proof earlier than January 31.

Lest you worry that you can combat to find three of the Lego toys, the lab is taking pity on you. First, it offered up this trace: “are trying taking a look on prime of racks and servers; these figurines won’t be hanging from the air!” Plus, there are two floors, and the lab needs you to know there’s treasure to be found on both.

Even better, CERN equipped a map of the computer center to work from (see under).

So have at it. This might be the most enjoyable Google side road View sport because GeoGuessr.

To assist individuals to find the hidden Lego minifigures, CERN equipped a map of its laptop center


  1. Harland Brandsrud

    Since they found the Higgs boson ok now what really are a couple of things they’re researching?

  2. I’m an Indian student and am doing my 10+2 at this time. I’ve got a huge curiosity about particle and theoritical physics and wish to join cern after doctoral. I looked up, also it states that people of member nations can join cern and aside from them, some non-member country people. So my real question is, can’t indians join cern? And when they are able to, what should i get? A b, and phd, or perhaps a, and phd?

  3. I have read that more than 80% from the researchers at CERN are atheists. The number of of these honestly think that the incredibly complex lab by which they work might have simply sprung into existence without designers and contractors?

    I Understand that “atheism is not the fact that the CERN sprang…” what I am asking is, how consistent could it be to know undoubtedly that CERN needed to have (a) designer(s) and builder(s) since it simply does not seem sensible that something so complex and smooth-operating might have enter into existence by accident, yet assert that something infinitely More complicated and smooth-operating did. With no—I’m not a fundamentalist I am a rather liberal Episcopalian. Actually, I’m going to be asking them questions from the fundamentalists within the next couple of days.

  4. neutrinos are allegedly massless and chargeless contaminants More compact THEN ELECTRONS . CERN institute, in geneva completed a test which breaks einsteins theory of relativity. neutrinos has their source because the sun then HOW WERE NEUTRINOS That Have Been More compact THEN ELECTRONS DIRECTED Within The COLLIDER? HOW WERE THEY In A Position To Appraise The TIME TAKEN BY Contaminants?HOW DID THEY Make Sure That PHOTONS AND NEUTRINOS HAVE TRAVELLED Exactly The Same DISTANCE AS EVEN ATTOMETRES OF DISTANCE TRAVELLED Pretty Much Will Make A Mistake Within The EXPERIMENT? SOMEONE PLZ Obvious THESE DOUBTS

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