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Galaxy S4 Zoom could have 10X optical zoom, thinner body than Galaxy Camera

Galaxy S4 Zoom could have 10X optical zoom

Samsung’s strategy to bring multiple versions of the Galaxy S4 catering to different needs seems to be powering ahead full steam. After hearing about the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the variant of the current flagship geared towards shutterbugs, we were sceptical that it would be just a slightly different version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

But it looks like Samsung has given a lot more thought into the design of the phone. The Galaxy Camera looked like an odd device and was too bulky to be used as a daily driver. The S4 Zoom is expected to have a 4.3” qHD Super AMOLED display and a 16 megapixel camera sensor with optical zoom. That’s the same sensor as the Galaxy Camera, but according to, the Galaxy S4 Zoom will be getting 10X optical zoom.

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Samsung is putting thought into the S4 Zoom’s design



Samsung has decided to fine-tune the optical zoom mechanism and has downgraded it to 10X optical zoom in the Galaxy S4 Zoom. This was done to keep the thickness of the device down and make it look more or less similar to the Galaxy S4’s girth.

Just for some perspective, the Nokia 808 PureView, widely considered the best outfitted phone camera, had 3X optical zoom. The Galaxy S4 Zoom also received a Bluetooth certification recently, which generally means it’s about to be unveiled soon. Perhaps an IFA announcement has been planned for the various Galaxy S4 siblings. Besides the S4 Zoom, Samsung has a rugged version of the S4 as well as a mini version a la last year’s S3 Mini.




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  1. What are the things the Samsung universe s4 has the apple iphone 5 does not?

  2. apple iphone 5

    GOODS:- Quickest phone ever, face time, small , comfortable, 8mp camera (adequate)

    BADS:- costly.

    Samsung universe S4

    GOODS:- 3 front cameras,14mp good camera, additional features, giant screen, hd

    BADS:- does not fit in your wallet

  3. apple iphone or Universe S4?

  4. ive had the apple iphone 4 for just two years, rather than were built with a single trouble with it. i really loved it and extremely am keen on apple as well as their items.. my lines are up for upgrade (verizon) and that i was searching at 3 different phones attempting to choose which someone to get. i had been consider the apple iphone 5, samsung universe s4, and also the htc one. i found discover the htc phone is not readily available for verizon customers yet so im stuck attempting to decide between your s4 and also the apple iphone. ive did some online investigation and saw people on sides give good arguments that the first is better. i’m getting a very difficult time determining which to obtain.

    i text ALOT, i see the web pretty frequently on my cell phone, i play games sometimes, but not so frequently, i dont talk on the telephone much, i take a respectable amount of images and videos, i publish to facebook constantly, and im a really clumsy person, ill possess a situation on my cell phone since i will drop it pretty frequently.

    any help could be great! thanks ahead of time.

  5. I presently possess the universe s2 and it is giving sooo many problems. Individuals will call me and i’ll not obtain the notification unless of course they leave a voicemail message, screen is unresponsive 98% of times, and often the screen goes uncalibrated. I’ve totally reset my phone multiple occasions and also got a alternative in the insurance plus they sent me an used the one that switched to be worse..

    I’ve boost mobile and it was considering switching to tmobile and perform the lower payment and month plus phone payment, That We am still a little unclear about..

    Any ideas?

    I love how apple iphone the way they possess the good applications within the application market, and also the style is straightforward, and also the camera is amazing.

    the universe s4 comes with an amazing camera, bigger screen, and that i could put my SDcard from my universe s2



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