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Gaana Music app updated for windows Devices

The Gaana Music app from Times Internet has launched its windows Phone version including Windows Phone8. It has already released apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerryand Java phones earlier this year. A new app, Gaana+ with offline music listening and high quality music streaming is expected to release this month.

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The Gaana Music app has new features of new UI, create or hear favorite playlist, can search over 1 million songs in different languages including Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi, smart recommendations and eassy share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. Enjoy the wonderful music experience over internet from
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[Source :- Tekkys]


  1. What’s your preferred application for any Smartphone or ipod device Touch? Least favorite? And why?

  2. Lately, I simply jail broke my ipod device touch fourth gen. (Connected) and that i got this application known as UDID Faker where I accidentally transformed the UDID from the application known as Application Trailers. Now it isn’t just missing on my small ipod device, but it’s now missing on my small Application Store too! It’s easily wiped from everything!!!!! Help As soon as possible!!!!

  3. Hey all, what is the 4chan application for that apple iphone/ipod device touch?

  4. What exactly are android phones? are we able to send and receive emails about this phone?

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