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Flipboard now lets users collaborate with friends to create magazines

Flipboard now lets users collaborate

For those of you who have already been creating your own magazines on Flipboard, there’s some good news. The company has announced an update for both its Android and iOS apps that lets you collaborate on creating digital magazines with others.

“Sharing is caring” seems to be Flipboard’s mantra as it has realised that a magazine can be built better when like-minded individuals work together on it. You can now invite your friends or peers who share similar interests as you to become co-curators on your magazine.

Get your friend to contribute to your style guide

Get your friend to contribute to your style guide

You need to first make sure that your Flipboard app is up to date and have a magazine you’ve created to start collaborating. Send out an invite to one or more people. Once they accept, they need to hit the “+” button to start contributing content to the magazine. It’s that simple. The collaborators can also use the “Flip It” Web Bookmarklet to add stories to the visually rich magazines. Once they accept your invitation to become a co-curator, your magazine will start showing on their dashboard too. Here’s a short tutorial on how to co-curate magazines on Flipboard:

Flipboard introduced DIY magazines back in March with its hyped 2.0 update. The app essentially allowed you to create your own, curated magazine that you could personalise. The update first rolled out to iOS devices only and turned into one of the best moves the photo-rich aggregation application could have made. Within two weeks alone, there were 500,000 magazines created successfully. It prompted Flipboard to release an Android version of the update last month too.

To start collaborating with your friend on that fashion magazine, or the sports one, you can download Flipboard for your iOS devices from the App Store or for your Android devices from the Google Play Store.



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