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Fix not more than 10 Topics in Feedburner Email for WordPress !

Fix not more than 10 Topics in Feedburner EmailBasically we find that our WordPress website updated with more than 10 topics per day but our Email subscriber get only 10 topics Link per day in their mail box which decrease the potentiality of Traffic to a site in other way the visitors are unable to know about our last updated topics.

Blogger users don’t face this issue as all the control is with Google and Google provide their best performance to help the Authors and Blog.

So how we will fix the issue towards it ?

It is simple and not at all critical.WordPress by default set the Topic updates to Feeds is only 10 so we need to modify it by the follwoing steps :-

1. Goto Your Dashboard by Login to your Website

2. Goto Settings followed by Reading Option

3. Check this area ” Syndication feeds show the most recent ” you will see the box is having 10 items.

You Need to change this 10 No. to any no. you want to send maximum updates to your feed subscriber.

You are ready now for sending more than 10 Topics updates in Feedburner Subscriber !

Note :- This settings takes about 24 hours for Syndication feeds with your Feedburner !

If you are having any question please drop it below in the comment box about not more than 10 Topics in Feedburner…


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