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Finding a Good Web Host

It is critical that you are able to find the right web host for your website. A host that can’t keep your site online at least 99.9 percent of the time could cost your site visitors that could have been converted into customers. Additionally, you want a host that is there for you when you need them.


A good web host will allow you to ask questions by phone or email whenever you have them. In some cases, questions can be answered with a live chat feature. This allows you to access your site and ask detailed questions about any issues that you are having while you are talking to support. Having access to archived versions of your site may also be a beneficial feature because it allows you to a safe version of your site running while you try to figure out what is going wrong behind the scenes.

Another question that you need to ask about any potential web host is how seriously they take security. A shared hosting site may not do much to secure your individual site. Instead, a server wide security protocol is used to protect you. However, if one site becomes infected with a virus, your site could be damaged as well. That is why you want a dedicated hosted exchange site where your security needs can be met properly.


  1. how can i find free website hosting without sub domines ?

  2. Hi buddies let me know where I’m able to obtain the free hosting company for allowing the website what all of the services provide through the free web host… Can One trust the disposable hosting company …..

  3. I want some FREE website hosting that gives the next:

    – a minimum of 1gig of space

    – a minimum of 10gigs of bandwidth

    – php supported

    – mysql databases

    – .php-dist file type permitted

    – ftp (ideally sftp)

    – is free of charge

    – does not require (that’s it may request, but not need to have) very personal info much like your phone (publish code and email, city, country is alright)

    – a minimum of 10meg upload size alowed


    The toughest part i understand will most likely finding a thing that enables .php-dist permitted however i actually need it!

    i want 3 db a minimum of

  4. I’m beginning my very own web development business and that i need assistance selecting the very best hosting company. I’ll be starting most likely 8-10 sites per month with every site only getting between 10-25 pages. The websites is going to be quite simple with simply minor utilization of scripting and occasional to moderate traffic. I’d like a web server with decent speeds but i must also keep costs lower. What’s the best host for me personally and what is the good “designers host” that will permit me to produce as numerous websites when i want for any constant monthly cost? Is also there anything i ought to search for so far as to safeguard the server or perhaps is that the non-concern? Thanks!

  5. I became a member of Yahoo business hosting company, it pretty hard to use. The turtorial isn’t giving particulars. At this time they’re going undercontrstion to upgrade their hosting company. I’ll wait to determine the way it emerge and choose basically will remain in this account.

    I want an internet host is simple to use with understandable turtorials. I wish to have choice to create this site the look i love. What hosting company you recommand?

  6. I’m learning website design and must find an inexpensive hosting company. I examined Comcast and Google however they simply have these pre-designed templates that appear to be like they are for those who would like to publish stuff regarding their family reunion, etc. What I wish to do is design pages in html and CSS and display them and those I mention will not allow me to do this. How do you find the best (and economical) website hosting service. What are the that you’d recommend?

  7. I’m trying to produce a website in my business and I am unable to afford to cover an internet host at this time. Does anybody are conscious of any great free web hosting companies I’m able to use by having an easy site builder incorporated type of how geocities was?

  8. hey i already possess a website however i still dont comprehend it…i produced an internet site with freewebs and purchased a website and registered by using it…nevertheless i purchased the entire package with html editing and the like….will i need all of this in my simple freewebs site….can there be this type of factor as just purchasing a address and redirecting another site into it for example world wide web.us dot.tk ? ….is also freewebs the simplest method of hosting pages online…even though i’m not planning to pay for bandwidth for individuals going to…help

  9. Joaquin Lachance

    Hey guys. I’ve been looking for some affordable web hosting. Doesn’t have to be cheap. Just affordable. I see these affordable web hosting offers online sometimes, but don’t really like what I see. Where can I get some decent affordable web hosting? From what I understand dependable and affordable web hosting is hard to find, but help me out. 🙂
    I just need an affordable web hosting solutions…. make it easy for me please guys to find my affordable web hosting solutions. I am new to this, so any affordable solution to my need will be great. thanks.

  10. I had been trying to find some affordable website hosting yesterday and that i discovered that some hosts accept discounts and a number of them have periodic discount prices. Where could I discover what web hosting companies are supplying discount rates?

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  12. Trenton Marinella

    looking for a free web host that has all the features and a cpanel with php and mysql….. i will appreciate if anybody helps… thanks

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