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Feedly working on its own cloud even as Google Reader dies in three weeks

Feedly working on its own cloud

It looks like Google’s loss is Feedly’s gain. The news aggregator has come into its own with just weeks to spare before Google’s Reader breathes its last. Feedly is now being powered by its own cloud.

In the “What’s new” section of its application page on Apple’s App Store, Feedly wrote, “Now powered by the feedly cloud. Let’s all wish a happy retirement to Google Reader.” Sounds very tonguue-in-cheek for a service that had almost faded away before Google Reader’s untimely death. Surprisingly, Feedly has only mentioned this piece of news on its iOS app page and not Android.

With Feedly setting up its own cloud, transition from Reader to this service should be a relatively seamless one for distraught Google users. The cloud will even aid users with some flawless news aggregation post July 1, when Google shuts down Reader. Previously, like most third-party apps, Feedly too had relied on Google’s servers to manage RSS feeds.

Brand new cloud for Feedly

Brand new cloud for Feedly

Feedly is not the only company that seems to be leveraging new and improved RSS readers in the wake of Google Reader’s demise. Digg is one of the other companies working at a break-neck speed to make the July 1 deadline. One of the top contenders to take on Google Reader’s legacy, Digg is releasing an extension to its current app that will be called “Digg Reader”.

Feedly, on the other hand, has also been working with developers of Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader to let its users access their feeds from all of these apps. The companies say that access to Feedly’s API is to be free too.

You can grab hold of Feedly for your iOS and Android devices. The service also works as an extension for Firefox and Chrome.



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