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The fastest broadband speed on the Earth

It is very difficult to imagine the current world without internet. Today the internet has become a major part of our life and with time there are now faster way to connect to the world. Broadband is one among the most developed significant technology on the planet which lets us connect to the internet. Broadband lets a user connect to the world, access news, communicate to people around the globe and also download the media in any format. This all had happen due to broadband which is a high bandwidth or posses fastest carrying capacity of a communication line from one location to another.

The quest for speed, imagine a world where you could just download a high definition movie with just one click. One would really think if there are any such technology exists in the real world. Yes there is one in London. The London telecom giants Alcatel Lucent and BT have tested a field trial for their latest Flexgrid technology in the broadband which has achieved an unbelievable speed of 1.4 Tbps (Terabits per second). The best part of this test was that this lightning fast speed was achieved using an existing commercial grade fiber optic link using a record spectral efficiency of 5.7 per second per Hertz. It was conducted within a distance of 410 km using an existing technology of fiber optic link between the BT tower in London and their Adastral Park research facility in Ipswich. The developed design will help the operator achieve the unbelievable speed without the need of laying any expensive new fiber optic cables, which is also very time consuming and expensive work.

Alcatel-Lucent is a tele giant in a global communication. They provide IP and cloud networking along with ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access to the users. The company provides the facility to the service providers as well as their client customers, enterprise and institution all around the world. The company emerged in the year 2006 as a first of its kind as truly global communication service provider with the most complete and efficient solution and service provider in the industry. One of the world’s famous technology research institutes named as Alcatel-Lucent Bells lab has given many breakthroughs and significantly contributed in shaping the networking industry.

The Broadband company provides the following services:

  •   It provides Telecom services to the industries and institutes.
  •  Wireless services which include GSM, GPRS, EDGE and radio access networks.
  •   IP and cloud networking and also leader in IP transformation services.
  •   Ultra-broadband fixed and wireless services
  •   OSS/IT and security consultant services in 20+ countries
  •   Ethernet mobile services
  •   Customer experience solution in 180+ countries
  •   Strong presence within carrier cloud management

Broadband is all about a speed and as per the specifications this company achieved it made a benchmark for the other players in the industry. This current technology will not only make your internet experience better and faster but at the same time cheaper as it does not include any new hardware installation or up gradation. Not only in London but the whole world witnessed this innovation in the network industry. Alcatel-Lucent with this achievement has made its presence remarkable.

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The article has been written by Swarup, who is passionate about Technology and a diehard Linux lover. He write about latest Tech & Gadget news, Computer Tips & Tricks and Software Review in NavajoDgitalTech.


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  2. How can normal phone cables work with both dial-up and DSL internet. Essentially why so slow on dial-up and thus fast on DSL and just how do companies give greater speed when it is the same cable. Also what is the limit towards the speed without puting lower new cables?

    And finally for internet traffice over the earth will the information travel via satelite or sea cable?

  3. i might be obtaining a Wireles Phone and and Web Connection having a speed of just one. 5 Megabytes that is thirty percent reduced than ADSL.

    Is that this speed okay for GoogleEarth and YouTube videos?

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  11. Rhett Swearingen

    My home is a home without any line, sattelite tv, a great laptop (I personally use for college), as well as an old computer (windowsME).

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