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UN expert urges moratorium on ‘killer robots’

UN expert urges moratorium

Nations should agree to a moratorium on developing robots for war that can function autonomously before it is too late tostop their use, a U.N. human rights expert warned Thursday.

U.N. special rapporteur Christof Heyns urged a temporary freeze on producing or using so-called killer robots, saying it would give nations time to think through the implications of creating them while “the genie is still in the bottle” technologically.

Programming machines to kill without humans making decisions could encourage more wars and make it more difficult to hold anyone accountable for war crimes, he told reporters in Geneva.

“Genie in a bottle” (Image Credit:

“Time is of the essence,” he said of the need to decide now on how to use the robots, before they become a practical reality. “Trying to stop technology is a bit like trying to stop time itself – it moves on.”

Heyns said the technology is quickly emerging and nearly available now that could lend machines the power to autonomously kill humans after “the turn of a switch,” but lack the ability to make fine distinctions according to international humanitarian law. “We are pretty close,” he said.

In a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, Heyns urged nations “to declare and implement national moratoria on the production, assembly, transfer, acquisition, deployment and use” of the robots to give time to develop a global framework for their use.

Another big danger of developing these kinds of robots, he said, is that it will make it easier for nations to go to war because of the increasing detachment between people and the decision to kill.






  1. “Christof Heyns, the Not special investigator on extrajudicial killings told a Not conference in Geneva the US must be held legally responsible for using armed drones…if ‘there happen to be secondary drone bombings of rescuers who’re helping [the hurt] after a preliminary drone attack, individuals

    further attacks really are a war crime.’”

    We all know Obama’s cautious about revealing details about deaths triggered by lazy, cowardly, remote-control warfare. But oh, it is the American way, therefore it is fine.

    And also the worst part:

    “Figures released by ACLU estimate that about 4,000 individuals have fallen victim to all of us drone raids since 2002 in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. The research show most from the casualties were civilian which amounts have elevated significantly since Obama assumed the presidency.”


    I recieve that alot.

    How will you have certainty with lack of knowledge?



    Indeed, I will not because America warrants great amounts of contempt. Even its very own people are mildly sickened by their country once they from time to time have the ability to remove their blinders for any short moment.

  2. The Un is to setup a devoted research unit in Geneva early the coming year to look at the legitimacy of drone attacks in instances where ordinary people are wiped out in so-known as “specific” counter-terrorism procedures.

    The announcement is made by Ben Emmerson QC, a Not special rapporteur, inside a speech to Harvard school by which he condemned secret rendition and waterboarding as crimes under worldwide law. His forthright comments, fond of both US presidential candidates, is going to be seen as explicit challenge towards the prevailing US ideology from the global fight against terror.

    The 2009 summer time, Emmerson, who monitors counter-terrorism for that Not, known as for effective research into drone attacks. Some US drone strikes in Pakistan may add up to war crimes, Emmerson cautioned.

    In the Harvard speech, he stated: “When the relevant states will not establish effective independent monitoring systems … it may within the last measure be essential for the Not to do something.

    “Along with my friend Christof Heyns, [the Not special rapporteur on extra-judicial killings], I’ll be starting an analysis unit inside the special methods from the [Not] Human Privileges Council to inquire into individual drone attacks.”

    The analysis unit will even take a look at “other kinds of specific killing carried out in counter-terrorism procedures, that is alleged that civilian casualties happen to be caused”. Emmerson maintained the US stance that it may conduct counter-terrorism procedures against al-Qaida or any other groups all over the world since it is considered to become an worldwide conflict was indefensible.

    “The worldwide war paradigm has been doing immense harm to a formerly shared worldwide consensus around the legal framework underlying both worldwide human privileges law and worldwide humanitarian law,” he stated. “It’s also given a spurious justification to a variety of serious human privileges and humanitarian law violations.

    “The [global] war paradigm was always in line with the flimsiest of reasoning, and wasn’t supported even by close allies of america. The very first-term Federal government initially retreated out of this approach, but in the last 18 several weeks it’s started to rear its mind once more, in briefings by administration authorities seeking to supply a legal justification for that drone programme of specific killing in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia …

    “[It’s] alleged that since Leader Obama required office a minimum of 50 ordinary people were wiped out in follow-up strikes once they choose to go to assist sufferers and most 20 ordinary people are also assaulted in deliberate bombings of memorials and the bereaved. Christof Heyns … has referred to such attacks, when they convince have happened, as war crimes. I’d endorse that view.”

    Emmerson designated both Leader Obama and also the Republican challenger Mitt Romney for critique. “It’s possibly surprising that the positioning of the two candidates about this problem hasn’t even featured throughout their presidential elections campaigns, and also got no mention whatsoever in Monday night’s foreign policy debate.

    “Now that we know the two candidates have been in agreement on using drones. However the problem of so-known as enhanced interrogation techniques is definitely an the one that, based on the record, is constantly on the divide them.

    “I helps it to be absolutely obvious that my mandate doesn’t look into eye to eye using the Federal government on a variety of issues – most famously the possible lack of transparency within the drone programme. But about this problem the leader continues to be obvious since he required office that water-boarding is torture that it’s unlike American values which it might stop.

    “… But Governor Romney has stated that he doesn’t think that waterboarding is torture. He’s stated he allows enhanced interrogation techniques which go beyond individuals now allowed through the military area manual, and the security advisors have suggested he rescind the present limitations.”

    The Cambodian dictator Pol Pot, he stated, used the strategy. “Anybody who’s doubtful about whether waterboarding is torture should visit Tuol Sleng, the infamous S-21 detention facility run by the Khymer Rouge in Phnom Penh.

    “During a period of 4 years 14,000 everyone was methodically tortured and wiped out there. It’s now a genocide museum. And immediately, in the center of the central torturing room, may be the apparatus utilized by Pol Pot’s security authorities for waterboarding.”

    http://world wide kingdom/world/2012/march/25/not-inquiry-us-drone-strikes?facebook=optOut

  3. Military commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya tried to shrug off risks of the Not war crimes probe by saying on Thursday that video clip of males being blindfolded and shot by soldiers was “doctored.” Not expert Christof Heyns had came to the conclusion 5-minute video was real and “consists of enough evidence to produce a war-crimes analysis” but had requested the Sri Lankan government bodies to research first.

    http://world wide kingdom/index.php/news/content/view/full/105466

    What goes on within the warmth of fight is a factor, the murder of criminals is yet another. Or would you disagree?

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