Wednesday , May 25 2016
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Exclusive Angry Birds Space Blogger Template Download !

Exclusive Angry Birds Space Blogger Template Download !


Angry Birds Space the latest edition piggy banging game from Rovio was the huge hit their and as posted by me it hit like 40K downloads in one week so I was just finding some more cool stuff related to Angry Birds Space and I found an interesting Blogger Template from Rocking Templates which is quit creative and interactive for all of the Angry Birds fans.

More about Angry Birds Space Blogger Template

The above image is just a small preview of what the templates look like, well its has a slideshow currently containing all the images from Angry Birds Game which you can obviously change according to your preference and background is too from the game in which piggy’s are floating in space and birds making aim @ them for banging them well you know its quit fun. Now there is also an awesome cartoonist font applied to post titles and sidebar gadgets so you can check below below and download if you like it.


Angry Birds Space Blogger Template

Demo | Download

Angry Birds Space Blogger Template


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