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More than just an error message

One reason to have an Error 404 page is that it’s an excellent way to redirect lost users back to your homepage. Some webmasters like to get a bit more creative with their error 404 pages to help re-engage their visitors make the page a bit more user friendly or even raise a smile.

If you’re thinking about setting up your own cool and creative Error 404 page then we’ve put together a list of some of the best we’ve found from all over the web. Take a look at these ten pages for examples of how to do a great Error 404 page.



A twist on Twitter’s “Fail Whale”



A simple way to make the page look a bit more interesting.

Southpark Studios 404


Using a classic character from the show, this is a great 404 page from the Southpark website.



This error 404 page is amusing and it has multiple links to redirect the user.



An amusing flow chart diagram.



An image of a cat online, works every time!



A retro gaming inspired 404 page!

Cartoon Network


This comical page from Cartoon Network is in multiple languages.

Amorphia Apparel


Another simple image, that’s different from the norm.



Another great graphic with multiple redirection links.

Virgin Holidays Cruises


The final example is a sleek design by the guys at Virgin Holidays Cruises. In all, it’s a great illustration of how EDGE animation can work well when putting together a 404 page.


  1. Rolando Okoniewski

    Error in RunDII32.exe
    Missing entry:InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess

    Any idea what this means? I know its probably a virus, but any input you can offer would be appreciated…
    ok slumbering_palidan (or whatever lol) is it normal for it to continually pop up every 15 – 30 seconds? and i dont use internet explorer, i use firefox.

  2. Jefferson Ruberte

    Whenever I turn on my laptop a mistake message seems stating that the host couldn’t be located for that Runll32 application. Exactly what does thsi mean and it is there anyway I’m able to solve the issue to ensure that it doesn’t keep appearing on start-up?

    I personally use Home windows Vista Home Premium if that is relevant.

    For individuals who’ve requested about virus scans etc. It’s nothign to complete witha virus however i would guess some kind of corruption inside the application itself.

  3. I get an error message after i visit send messages. I am wondering if this sounds like with regards to syncing my android. the mistake message seems around the yahoo site on my small laptop

  4. I cannot open past email messages.

  5. Hello!I wish to learn about this error message”General: system error (-36)”.After I attempt to send mail from my Yahoo!mailbox(cell phone default mailbox)it takes place.Make sure you let me know the main reason & solution too.Thanks

  6. Here’ list some Home windows error messages that let me know something – I am simply not sure what? – Can anybody shed some light please?

    1) (And the best) “Something bad has happened” – exactly what the f…k does which means that?

    2) Such and the like programme will all of a sudden show up and say ” (programme title) finds an issue and will need to close lower” – what problem and just how comes I’m able to still make use of the programme whether it’s closed lower for screaming noisy!

    Finally when there’s an issue with some programme or any other you sometimes get Microsoft saying it’s found an issue and do you want to report it a) it does not say what the issue is b) it does not say why you need to report it and just what confirming it is going to do – you realize the main one – in which the icon of the little tower system transmits out little waves and when it is a really large problem they appear to shuttle – I presume it is because whether it’s quick the machine has not got time for you to show the return wave – but exactly what does it send where to & why please?

    My IT helpdesk has explained that many ‘techys’ don’t report problems if this last error message pops up providing you with an option – saying it does not really achieve much nowadays. Personally i think it’s most likely more related to the truth that the mistake message disappears faster whenever you click ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’ plus they see 1000’s of those and merely want to begin the work they do, that is understandable, but shortsighted as well as in the long term not so useful – if people always did report problems, wouldn’t this suggest that Microsoft could iron out more bugs more rapidly or shall we be held missing something – or when i suspect could it be only a situation of expediency as I have stated or idleness and also the ever present f…kyou attitude in contemporary society?!

  7. I stored receiving a mistake message stating that you will find errors so not able to transmit my e-mail. And receive similar messages when save a draft. Although some people might of my devices explained they did receive my e-mail multiple occasions. It is my account in Yahoo since i receive same error messages both in Home windows 8 and Apple computer systems. Anybody understands how to report this issue to yahoo?

  8. I simply got such a Digital recording device from Comcast. I arrange it (I am confident Used to do it properly) and triggered it (again, I am confident it’s triggered properly), but every funnel states “To become introduced” and I am obtaining the error code “S0a00” (every funnel states it will likely be available shortly). I have had this error message for around each day now. I have attempted unplugging everything and I have known as Comcast three occasions. They have totally reset my box two times now. I am attempting to call again to setup a scheduled appointment, however the hold time is 2 hrs. Any tips?

  9. Colby Sommerfeld

    Enable Script Error Messages isn’t checked in Internet Options. I’m very fed up with looking for the response to resolve this issue in addition to being fed up with the continual messages appearing. Help!

  10. Keep getting this error message and should not read emails from my desktop computer, can see from tablet/mobile and laptop, laptop has Opera along with my PC, any ideas?


    We are going through some technical difficulties…

    We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load because of a brief error. You can test again shortly, or visit our help pages for methods to trobleshoot and fix the problem.

    Temporary error: 3

  11. I’m CONSTANTLY interrupted having a Microsoft Error message. It asks if I wish to send or otherwise but delivering does not make a difference. To obtain the aid of Microsoft there is a $50.00 charge!

  12. Every now and then, I guess when a week, I recieve a mistake message on start-up. The screen is blue and states:


    a message at the end claims that its beginning a:

    ‘Physical dump of memory to disk’ a number counter is active.

    1) Does anybody understand what the mistake message describes, please and

    2) What is happening once the physical dump of memory is happening? Could it be a poor factor or simply a protection system? Will I allow it to continue or shutdown?

    Any advice guidance gratefully recieved, thanks ahead of time for the help.


    Thanks Arnak! I’ll print that off and go hunting. That needs to function as the most thorough response to any question I have eevr published. Thanks again.

  13. I’m geting this message , after i try to hook up with vnc server with the viewer, read:connection totally reset by peer (10054)

    do you want to reunite to zirl? yes No

    after i press yes nothing happens

    I could connect sucessfully a couple of times, vnc ver 4.1,any assistance about this error please.

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