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EA is the ‘Star Wars’ games company Disney is looking for

EA is the ‘Star Wars’ games company

Disney and Electronic Arts said today that the two entertainment giants have signed an exclusive deal under which EA will begin developing and publishing a series of new “Star Wars” video games.

In a release, Disney and EA said that the new “Star Wars” games will be created for “a core gaming audience,” and that they will be developed for “all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres.”

However, while the deal was termed “exclusive,” the announcement noted that Disney will still maintain the right to develop other new games for mobile, social, tablet, and online platforms. The companies did not divulge the financial terms of the agreement.

What’s not known yet is what the Disney-EA partnership will mean for pre-existing “Star Wars” titles that were put on hold when LucasArts, the video games arm of Lucasfilm, was shut down last month. Those games included Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. A Disney spokesperson told CNET that nothing was being announced about pre-existing titles at this point, and that those kinds of decisions would likely be made jointly by Disney, EA, and Lucasfilm.

Nevertheless, the “Star Wars” deal is a big win for EA, which has been struggling recently, suffering through studio shutdowns and large layoffs. It also was recently added to the list of the worst companies to work for.






  1. it has been hrs now and EA servers continue to be lower.. does anybody have words about this? i’ve looked online and haven’t found much information on why or what has been done.

  2. RUMOR: 2K being iced by EA money

    Much more doubt, stick to the money. It appears 2K didnt wish to set up the money to resume their certification agreement using the NHL Players’ Association to update there online rosters within the 2008 twelve months. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they’ve released a minumum of one roster update when the calendar switched to 2008. Might other gossips are flying, including one which has EA attempting to secure the NHL exactly the same way it’s completed with the National football league. Probably the most threatening rumor of has 2K prepared to sell its whole company … possibly even to EA. As poorly as EA has carried out using its own game, that might be a tragedy for hockey players!!! EA has yet to show that it may produce a reasonable league atmosphere for video game play and also have fallen from their NHL06 and 05 game play styles that have been better. NHL2k8 goes way further into the overall game using what appears to become wiser intuitive game play.

    Perhaps you have Performed Both???? What is your opinion?????

  3. Why did EA Games kill Maxis?

    Maxis was among the finest game companies of occasions even under EA Games, Exactly why is EA killing Maxis?

    “The studio was formally closed in Feb 2004 and the majority of the jobs happen to be gone to live in EA Redwood City… Throughout time, EA continues to be continuously getting rid of Maxis from in-game text and credits, however the title isn’t completely thrown away yet.” –

    And the other question, is EA’s Copyright around the title “Maxis” void when they take it out of credits and discredit them? Therefore if the title “Maxis” is no more their own, could I’m guessing?

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