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What is Directory Tree ! directory tree is a organization of directories that consists of a lone directory, called the parent directory or top dismantle directory, and all levels of its subdirectories (i.e., directories within it).

A directory in a Unix-like operating system is a primary type of file that contains a name of calumny and commensurate inodes for apiece filesystem target (i.e., directory, record or circuit) that appears to the somebody to be in it. An inode is a collection scheme that stores all the accumulation around a enter omit its folk and its actualized accumulation. A data system is a way of storing information so that it can be used efficiently.

Any directory can be regarded as existence the commence of its own directory player, at minimal if it contains subdirectories. Thusly, a exemplary machine contains a comprehensive separate of directory trees folder structure print.

The constituent directory tree takes its sanction from the fact that a plot of it resembles an inverted actor, or a subdivision thereof, ordinarily with a series of directories fork off from a lonesome directory, much directories ramose off from whatsoever or all of them, etc.

Virtually all late machine operative systems use directory trees for organizing files. Unix-like operating systems picture a safety number directory from which all separate directory trees emit. Microsoft operative systems can make manifold autarkical base directories, with traducement much as C:, D: and E:.

The du (i.e., turn employment) enjoin is a favourable puppet for obtaining information about directory trees, including totality circle set demand of the histrion (inclusive of all of the files in it) and the obloquy and sizes of apiece subfigure and record.


  1. I’m searching for a totally free file copy tool or file manager which could copy files and sites selected from the directory tree in one batch. Much like ntbackup.exe (integrated Home windows Backup), but simply to copy files and dirs.

    You will find lots of free file managers ( http://download-ecke.p/nonags/fileman.html ), but does anybody know which can perform that?

  2. Home windows Active Directory

  3. `—CPSC203











    Hi what is the way i’m able to display files and folders such as this?

  4. I’ve got a shared drive the sites shouldn’t be re-named or erased in the network planned drive.

  5. Lowell Salamacha

    how can u allow it to be to ensure that the consumer is really a variable much more dos. basically desire a batch file that copys a folder for your desktop what can i put for that space in which the user’s title could be? such as this

    md c:”documents and configurations”[what here]desktopfoldername

  6. Steven Mullennix

    I’ve come across the ./ operator in multiple languages. I’m wondering what it really means, particularly in PHP when mentioning to files.


  7. Alexis Laukitis


    we have been requested to produce a c++ enter in Linux that stores all of the sites inside a text file after which sights only individuals of size 100 bytes of bigger!

    I understand that to be able to view such files within the terminal I must make use of the system(“find ~ size+100b”) command!

    however I am unsure how to do this when they’re saved within the file.I attempted by using this command however it just arrived me an unlimited loop…I attempted dividing the string into sub-strings however that hardly appears practical!

    any help could be highly appreciated!

    Not only what they are called are saved…what they are called and also the permesions (read write and execute) too the consumer and also the dimensions from the files. all the details you receive while using ls command

    I am unsure exactly what the “stat” function is or using it!

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