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Develop apps for Firefox OS and get a Geeksphone Keon for free

 Firefox OS and get a Geeksphone Keon

Mozilla is going all out to attract developers to its fledgling mobile operating system – Firefox OS. The company has announced a new campaign on the Mozilla Hacks blog, dubbed Phones for Apps for Firefox OS.

Essentially, whoever develops an app for Firefox OS and gets it on the Marketplace will get a free Firefox OS Developer Preview device to work with. To be eligible for this, you have to send your app development or porting proposal to Mozilla, and if your proposal is accepted, you will get a Geeksphone Keon for free. The campaign is set to end at the end of May or when the stocks of the Geeksphone Keon run out, depending on which happens first. The Geeksphone Keon is an entry level handset.

You could get one of these if you develop an app for Firefox OS

You could get one of these if you develop an app for Firefox OS

“When Firefox OS phones become available to consumers in select locales this summer, you’ll have an opportunity that only comes around once—a first-mover advantage in Firefox Marketplace,” reads the blog post. “End users in Latin America, Eastern Europe and other launch locations will be on the lookout for playful and practical apps to install: games, tools, and utilities as well as locally relevant news, sports, travel, entertainment, review apps, and social sharing experiences.”

Check out the Phones for Apps for Firefox OS page for the app proposal form. While the form has some space for optional entries, such as whether you plan to port an existing HTML5 app or build a new one, the required fields include contact information and description of the app.







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