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Best CMS available online for free Best CMS available online for free


With increase in the field of web development and other web facilities, the development of website or blog is the latest and most growing trend in the computer software market. Every day, new software is launched with tremendous exciting features for crazy people. The most growing trend of website had marked development of Content Management System (CMS) and their standards.

The CMS are tools used by web developers to create a website. There are varieties of CMSs available in the market. Each of the CMS has various features different from one another. These CMS are pre designed software application kit, helpful in designing of Website. Most of the CMS are free in the market. Some of the best CMS available in the market to create a website are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and b2evolution.

In this article you will find the comparison among Joomla, Drupal and professional CMS interface provided by

Comparing Joomla, Drupal and CMS of


  • The installation in Drupal is quite complicated. You have to install it following each and every step carefully. The steps are not expanded enough to be understood properly.
  • The installation in Joomla is more elaborated than drupal and is easy to install.
  • The CMS interface provided by is a genius interface providing a smallest guidance at every step and making user to clearly go through and understand each step carefully.


Therefore in this case the CMS interface is best suited for installation.


  • Drupal’s administration is totally controlled by master control bar that appears on top of the screen.
  • Joomla’s administration panel looks like a set of segregated pages that collects set of administrative pages at one place.
  • In interface step by step working is provided to the user which is easy to understand and remember.


Here also interface seems to be better than that of Joomla and Drupal.


  • It is easy to add static pages in Drupal and the formatting is done in HTML.
  • The configuration in Joomla is not at all easy and one needs to have a php and asp background for formatting in Joomla.
  • In there is no need of configuring the pages. You can select the pages from different categories of themes provided to you.


So, configuration management is still better than that of Joomla and Drupal.

SEO friendliness

  • In drupal, we need to download module for search engine optimization and social bookmarking.
  • In joomla there is also a need to download module for this purpose.
  • While for IM created website the SEO is done automatically,


Here also we can clearly see that the efforts in doing SEO through created website is less than that done in Joomla or Drupal website.


So, at last we can finally conclude that the is providing the best tools for creating the website. The CMS interface provided by this website is really of great quality, user friendly and has easy built configuration.


  1. Eugenio Huntsberger

    I am developing classified site however i arrived at know you will find lot many free ad Ad Management Product is available, I have certain that your you will find partner of dozen sites available much like both of these sites “world wide” and “ kingdom”, each one is working great you can as well plz produce an effective guide how can i obtain the “Free Classified Management System” utilized by these websites.

    Thanks ahead of time

  2. I would like something such as adobe lead. Not really a content management systems like drupal in which the the web site needs to be produced with drupal and integrated in making use of their templates or however you’re doing so. I wish to have the ability to make this site, upload towards the host, after which hook it up towards the program and edit it from inside there.And publish the page without needing to ftp it back myself. Like adobe lead does. Its for somebody I’m creating a website for, and i’m looking for something similiar to lead, hopefully cheaper reely, just like an free program.

    This individual does not know html or how you can reupload changes when they somewhow amazingly first got it to operate. So no, notepad is not likely to work.

    This individual does not know html or how you can reupload changes when they somewhow amazingly first got it to operate. So no, notepad is not likely to work.

  3. I operate a blog and would like to obtain a personalized theme for this. But I am not so good with HTML script. I simply want to create a simple one and done desire a HTML maker which will confuse me. Any help could be really appreciated!

    Its a Tumblr Blog. I understand Tumblr has links regarding how to create one, Im simply not good using the HTML lingo to get it done.

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