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Choosing the Right Television

The only items on the market that have more models than smartphones and tablets are television sets! Long gone are the days of choosing between black and white, or more recently, plasma or LCD. We now have more derivative models of televisions than we thought possible. With all the different features, functions, and extras available to the consumer it can be confusing as to what it really important to improving the user experience, and what is just white noise to the average consumer. Below is a list of important criteria to consider before making your next purchase.

First and foremost, the make of the television is extremely important. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for. Meaning, a Samsung TV is still one of the top makers in the market, even though they might cost you a bit more than the other. There are other quality brands in the market like LG and Vizio, but make sure you stay clear of those other obscure brands, even if the price seems more attractive.

Everything else is going “smart”, so why not your television? Smart TV’s are the future, as they are designed to be integrated with other technology in your household. You can transfer pictures and videos from your phone or tablet straight to the television screen with the swipe of a finger, and you can reduce the need for excess cords while you’re at it. I also love that my apps for Netflix and Amazon are built right into the television set, making it easy to scroll through and rent videos as I desire.

We all know the debate about LCD versus Plasma televisions! One has deeper blacks but doesn’t last as long, and the other has longevity and glare resistance but lacks the crisper colors. Now we have LED and Ultra HD on the market. These televisions can be a bit more expensive, and while they have fantastic picture quality we are still waiting for the content providers to catch up with the technology. Thing about the lag between blu-ray devices and the availability of movies a few years back.

As televisions become bigger and bigger, now topping out at around 110 inches, the need for them to become lighter is increasingly important. We don’t all have the room to stick an 80 inch television in the corner, so the need to mount a television has increased. This is why we need them to be thinner, lighter, and more portable. Just think of those backlit tube televisions that were abundant even a few short years ago, could you imagine mounting one of those on the wall? It would have torn your house down.


  1. The most crucial feature may be the size i have attempted to determine the number of inches for the reason that i would like a tv wich is all about 100cm by 130cm.

  2. Fredrick Maranville

    what are the differences between plasma and lcd???

  3. My cable package only has about 10 channels I really watch…the relaxation seem to be shopping systems, kids television stations, contributing to 50 other channels Irrrve never watch!

    Why can’t we select which cable channels we purchase and merely purchase individuals?

  4. Many experts explain that television frequently presents violent, sexual, or graphic content. However, we are able to most likely say this about many mediums (music, movies, etc). How come television face a lot debate? why is television not the same as a violent movie we have seen within the theater, or perhaps a song we decide to download from the Internet and pay attention to?

    Detailed solutions could be appreciated.

  5. Should you could only pick one, which may you spend – your pc or perhaps your television?


    Could it be me or are a few of you saying you’d spend your computer systems?….

    (make reference to question)

  6. How thoughtful are your choices? What does thoughtful really mean?

  7. I am talking about, is it necessary to watch a show for like ten minutes to become one viewer? Will it pass the greatest number of individuals watching at one moment? Will it count should you switch channels? I must say i do not understand. >.<

  8. Lanny Helgason

    What’s best?

    Benefits and drawbacks?

    I really like the thought of traveling all over the world.

    More possibilities and areas to operate in?

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