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CES 2013: Toshiba showcases L9300 series Ultra HD TVs

CES is a time for many companies to show off their latest technologies. Among them was Toshiba showing off its latest line-up of TVs. According to Engadget, among this is the L9300 series of TVs that marks the company’s foray into the 4K TV market. Other things showcased by the company include the “Cloud TV” and Media boxes.

The L9300 series has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times as many pixels as the current norm of 1080p TVs. The advantages, according to manufacturer, is that the resolution allows sharper pictures. The TVs come in 84-inch, 65-inch and 58-inch variants, all sporting the 4K UHD resolution.

Toshiba UHDTV

The Toshiba L9300 line-up of Ultra HDTVs


Toshiba L9300

The L9300 series is powered by Toshiba‘s CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor that does more than just upscaling pictures to the huge resolution, claims the company. This is important as there is currently next-to-no content for the resolution. The TV boasts a 240Hz refresh rate, a CQ engine, beefed-up noise reduction and Resolution +.

The L9300 is set to ship some time in summer, but prices have not been disclosed by the company as of yet.

Back in October 2012, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) had announced that TVs sporting 4K resolution would be termed as Ultra High Definition, or Ultra HD. As per the announcement, the CEA stated that the next generation of 4K high-definition display technology for the home – giant-screen TVs with more than eight million pixels of resolution, four times the resolution of today’s high-definition televisions, will be called ‘Ultra High-Definition’ or ‘Ultra HD’, connoting its superiority over conventional HDTV.

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  1. Are you able to watch three dimensional content in 4k tv or perhaps is it simply in 2d version? It might type of suck if it is unavailable in three dimensional

  2. so my women desire a 4K def TV, you realize teens always want the very best. however i dont see we’ll use such feature in the near future. i dont think there’s any tv station broadcasting programs in 4K definition, right? i have no idea think we’ve many DVD movies in 4K def. at this time 1080p is typical, when do you consider 4K will end up common later on? maybe 2020?

  3. There’s been already lots of buzz about both TV’s but nonetheless it’s difficult to determine the very best 4k tv one of the two, so according to you which ones brand is the greatest and why?

  4. There’s a rumor that ps4 will need a 4k resolution tv for games later that this news true since i m utilizing a The new sony brought 40′ 1080p tv. If the news holds true then ps4 could be useless for me personally as my tv won’t support it And then any concept of ps4 cost Thanks ahead of time..:-)

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