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Small Business Essentials

The recession has discouraged entrepreneurs from engaging in business for fear of huge and unexpected losses. To this day, nearly six years since the credit bubble burst, the economy has not fully recovered, and consumers and financial institutions continue to feel the repercussions. Managing a business effectively—even a small one—can help owners recover their losses and protect themselves from future ... Read More »

Innovations in Hot Tub Technology


Hot tubs are considered one of the most luxurious home purchases, and manufacturers are constantly keeping them up to date to make the product more appealing. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, the Jacuzzi market has found new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Smart homes are increasingly becoming a reality, allowing users to control appliances ... Read More »

Why Money Isn’t a Great Way to Motivate Employees


Many managers believe that money is the strongest motivator for their employees. They seem to be ignoring countless studies that show employees are not driven primarily by the desire to make more money. A 2012 study from McKinsey shows that there are far more effective ways to motivate your workers than paying them a higher salary. That doesn’t mean that ... Read More »

Google is coming up with the extra power of 10 gigabits /per second Internet speed

Google is reportedly working on offering data transfer speeds of 10 gigabits per second as part of its project to develop ‘next generation’ of the Internet. Currently, Google Fiber service offers data speeds of 1 gigabit per second, and the search giant is working on technology to provide faster data transfer speeds. Google’s Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Pichette, said that ... Read More »