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A Must have Software- Movavi Video Editor


VIDEO! After hearing this word what is the first thing which strikes your mind? If a video doesn’t create emotional engagement by making people laugh, smile or even cry then there is no worth making a video! If you want to be a perfectionist in video making or have a great passion for it. Then the best thing which strike ... Read More »

Ingredients 101: Understanding Words on Ingredient Labels


Organic, natural, unrefined, raw. In recent years, these terms have been tagged on all manner of items, from food to shoes, and supposedly health-conscious consumers have flocked to spend their hard-earned money on plenty of products with empty claims. However, on plenty of these products you can still find scary ingredients like “ferric orthophosphate” or “guar gum” that can make ... Read More »

Why Do Browsers Sandbox Adobe Flash?


In 1985, Apple invested in Adobe, and both companies worked together to revolutionize desktop publishing. In 1999, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he asked Adobe to create products for the iMac. Adobe refused, preferring to concentrate on Windows software. Adobe’s refusal coincided with the departure of founder John Warnock, an old friend of Jobs. “The soul of Adobe disappeared ... Read More »

Are Your Finances In Order?


Checking up on how we’re doing financially is a good move, but we have to admit that most of the time, we only do it when we are motivated by a life event such as natural disaster, the birth of a baby, or putting a deposit down on a house. You may have your life’s savings stored in the best ... Read More »

The Big Differences Between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6


If you’re considering upgrading your smartphone and you’re already using the iPhone 5S, or if you’re considering getting the 5S at a lower price now that Apple has announced the release of its two newest models, you should be aware of the major differences between the 5S and the 6. How do they compare with one another, and what do ... Read More »