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National Broadband Network Infographic

The National Broadband network (NBN) is a high speed network designed to reach all Australian premises with a combination of technologies. Find out facts and forecasts about this project with the help of GoToMeeting’s infographic

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Simple Steps to Fix Your Financial Situation in ontario, ca

Fix Your Finances with Ease If you find yourself in a less than ideal financial situation in Ontario, CA, you have probably spent a few nights wrestling with your thoughts on what the best way is to get your finances back on their feet. Surely everyone you come in contact with is a financial expert, willing to give you their …

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5 Tips for Preparing for an International Move

Residential moving doesn’t often show up in people’s minds as one of the most fun things that they’ve ever done, and then take that stress and take it to the next level of an international residential move, and you’ll feel an immediate headache coming on. However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you might imagine it! With a …

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Remote working with hosted PBX makes work an activity, not a place

Remote working appears to be an attractive idea for Canadian employees. In fact, nine out of ten people surveyed by Harris/Decima in 2010 said that companies offering a flexible work program were more attractive. Yet, a survey by Statistics Canada in 2011 found that only 11 per cent of employees did some of their work at home. Remote working benefits …

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