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ExclusivE Google looking to unload Motorola’s TV set-top box business

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Google is looking to unload the set-top box business it will inherit from Motorola Mobility even before it closes on the $12.5 billion acquisition, The Post has learned. The move appears to be an about-face from last August, when Google CEO Larry Page, in announcing the deal, suggested the business would play a role in his plans for revolutionizing the …

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Apple’s iPad 3 Launch Putting Squeeze on Freight Shipments from China


While rumors of iPad 3 shipments already being en route having been circulating for some time now, we’re now hearing from shipping representatives at other companies who are having a difficult time even getting their products shipped over to the United States from China as Apple’s preparations for the iPad 3 launch have significantly squeezed the air freight industry. One shipping representative …

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HTC To Launch China’s First Windows Phone


 HTC To Launch China’s First Windows Phone     In the race to bring the first Windows Phone device to China, it looks like we have a winner: Engadget reports that HTC has just began accepting pre-orders for the Triumph, which is essentially the HTC Titan that we have come to know and love re-branded. Running Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, the 4.7? behemoth …

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Japan warns Google that its new privacy policy may violate data protection laws


The Japanese government has warned Google to tread carefully with its new privacy policy, as the controversial new regulations were rolled out today. Authorities in the country wrote to Google to express concern that its new approach to storing and using Internet user’s data could violate Japan’s data protection laws. The government has asked Google to prepare a clear explanation …

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New England’s most unexpected tech hub pops up in the city of Stamford, CT

Stamford is a small city nestled in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. While the city’s population is under 123k, local entrepreneurs have caught the startup bug, leading the city’s historic old Town Hall’s $16 million renovation to turn it into a tech incubator. This development, known as the Stamford Innovation Center, is expected to open summer 2012, giving aspiring entrepreneurs access to much-needed …

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