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Wordpress is the best and alternative to Blogger platform and best performanced blogging platform.

Website Redesign Time: So-Called Trends That Are Here to Sta


Web design continues to change and evolve. For the most part, it’s gotten steadily better over the years. But, many of the latest tends are really foreign to a lot of small businesses that saw their websites originally built on Flash or dated table-based designs. Here are some of the more modern trends worth looking at, because they’re probably here ... Read More »

Why You Should Update Your WordPress Site


WordPress is an incredibly powerful Content Management System (CMS). But just like the software found on your computer or phone, it’s not perfect. WordPress has a large open source community with people around the globe working to constantly improve it with new functionality and fix any vulnerabilities. This means that new updates are frequently released. Chances are you have seen ... Read More »

3 Mobile Readiness Options Your Venue Site Needs

The era of mobile readiness has arrived, but most websites and businesses aren’t prepared. Since the majority of Americans are window shopping on smart devices before making a decision and there are officially more smartphones in the world than people, it’s time to take action. If you rent out a venue for special occasions, you know how important it is ... Read More »

How to create Craigslist HTML Ads with WordPress

Even if you already have a website, Craigslist can help bring in traffic and new customers. This is especially true if you offer the type of site or service. For example, used equipment sellers, general contractors, plumbers and pre-owned automobile sales are all things that people might look for on Craigslist. If you live in an area where Craigslist is ... Read More »