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Want To Know More About How Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries Power Your Life?


Ever hear of a sealed lead-acid battery (SLA)? If not, you’ve certainly used one! Sealed lead-acid batteries are one of the most reliable and economical power sources in the world. Though originally invented in the mid-1800s, SLA materials and functions have greatly improved over time. Each battery consists of three main parts: the plates, the separators, and the electrolytes. Lead ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why Buyers Need Real Estate Agents

Prospective homeowners face a significant amount of challenges and risks if they attempt to explore the market without a real estate agent. The journey is fraught with massive amounts of paperwork, legalese, tax considerations, negotiations, and judgment calls. A real estate agent can guide you through these complex processes with finesse, using their ample knowledge of property values, neighborhood trends, ... Read More »

The Many Uses For Magnetic Microspheres

Magnetic Microspheres

Magnetic microspheres or microbeads are widely used in the cosmetic industry, biomedical and science research as well as microscopy techniques. These so called magnetic beads are available in various sizes ranging from 10 um to 1000 um or 1 millimeter.With varying sizes of magnetic microspheres available, scientists and researchers can find plenty of ways to utilize them. There are three ... Read More »