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The Many Uses For Magnetic Microspheres

Magnetic Microspheres

Magnetic microspheres or microbeads are widely used in the cosmetic industry, biomedical and science research as well as microscopy techniques. These so called magnetic beads are available in various sizes ranging from 10 um to 1000 um or 1 millimeter.With varying sizes of magnetic microspheres available, scientists and researchers can find plenty of ways to utilize them. There are three ... Read More »

The Technology that has Transformed Our Lives

The invention of the wheel is probably man’s greatest early achievement, as it paved the way for the development of other forms of technology that has transformed our lives. Can you imagine life without electricity, cars, phones, televisions, computers, and satellite wireless Internet? It will be a very bleak world, communication will probably be limited to your friends and neighbors, ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Anyone who’s ever used a cell phone indoors has probably experienced the common issue of a weak signal. Even with a quality cell carrier, there are a few causes, like tower proximity and building obstruction that can cause mobile voice and data interference. The best way to avoid frustrating dead zones and weak signal is to use a mobile phone ... Read More »

Richmond needs more Electronics Recycling Options


As statistics go, this one will probably look quite impressive – the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA), which runs the waste collection and recycling programs in capital Richmond along with various other locations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has diverted more than 1 million pounds of unwanted electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills since 2004 through its special e-cycling collection ... Read More »

Why network configuration management important for medium to large businesses or organisations

network management

Network configuration management is the process of maintaining devices and software that consist on a network. When a particular device or software needs repairing, updating, or replacing, all the network administrator needs to do is view their network management console to decide the best course of action. The system holds information that includes all network addresses, hardware devices, software programs ... Read More »